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  Laodice   - queen of Syria; wife of Antiochus II
Wikipedia entry
253/4 OGIS_225, recording the sale of land from Antiochus II to Laodice.
246/29a the children of Antiochus and Laodice, attend a ceremony in Babylon.
246/30 near Babylon, which had been given by Antiochus to his wife Laodice.
246/43 Laodice plots against Sophron, the governor of Ephesus, but he is pro
    Within translations:
Athen_13.593   was laid against him by Laodice, and Laodice was thrown
Euseb]:Chron_251   us, and two daughters by Laodice the daughter of Achaeus,
Just_27.1   own family, his mother Laodice, who ought to have restra
Phylarch_24   Danae is put to death by Laodice, for disclosing a plot
Plin:HN_7.53   that the royal consort Laodice after she had murdered
Polyaen_8.50.1   rhus, and defeated him. [50] Laodice. Antiochus, surn
Porph:Fr_43   ntiochus, by his previous wife Laodice. Ptolemy led Ber
ValMax_9.10e.1   away by the plots of Laodice, armed herself and got into
ValMax_9.14e.1   to king Antiochus. After Laodice, the wife of Antiochus,

  Laodice 2   - queen of Syria; wife of Seleucus II
Wikipedia entry
Euseb]:Chron_251 brother of his mother Laodice, who was in charge of the
THI_33 (197-159)   h I bought from queen Laodike - all this I dedicat

  Laodice 3   - queen of Syria; wife of Antiochus III
Wikipedia entry
221/17 Antiochus marries Laodice, the daughter of Mithridates of Pontus.
213/5a 9.1283-1285, letters of Antiochus and Laodice to the city of Smyrna.
195/14 Austin_156, a letter from Laodice to the city of Iasus in Caria.
195/15 Austin_198, a letter from Laodice to the city of Iasus in Caria.
195/15a (OGIS_237), a decree of Iasus in honour of Antiochus and Laodice.
193/8 of Caria with an edict of Antiochus concerning the cult of Laodice.
193/9 ceia in Media with the edict of Antiochus about the cult of Laodice.
    Within translations:
OGIS_771   (196/5)   Antiochos and queen Laodike shall be praised public
RC_36   (193) honours of our sister queen Laodike, and as we think it
SEG_39.1284   (213)   l;os. [B] Queen Laodike to the council and peopl
SEG_49.1943   (c. 197)   os the son and queen Laodike and the children, Them
THI_28   (193)   of our sister queen Laodike, and considering this m
THI_63   (193)   g Antiochos and queen Laodike" another pot in which

  Laodice 4   - queen of Syria; wife of Antiochus IV
Wikipedia entry
THI_28 (193)   erefore, since Laodike { daughter of Antiochos } ha
THI_86 (170-164)   Antiochos, and queen Laodike and their son Antiocho

  Laodice 5   - daughter of Antiochus VII Sidetes
Euseb]:Chron_257 daughters, were both called Laodice. The third, called

  Laodice 6   - queen of Cappadocia; wife of Ariarathes V
129/21 Laodice murders the sons of Ariarathes.
    Within translations:
Just_37.1 ived of life. For Laodice, out of six children, all boys,

  Laodice 7   - queen of Cappadocia; wife of Ariarathes VI
Wikipedia entry
114/6a vades Cappadocia, and forces Laodice, the sister of Mithridates,
94/8a a decree of Delphi in honour of king Nicomedes and queen Laodice.
    Within translations:
Just_38.1 sons of his other sister Laodice, (whose husband Ariarathe
Just_38.2 He sent his wife Laodice, also, to Rome, to testify that

  Laodice 8   - queen of Pontus; sister and wife of Mithridates VI
Wikipedia entry
Just_37.3   him, of whom his wife Laodice, who was also his sister,
ValMax_1.8e.13   daughter of Mithridates, born of Laodice the queen, had her mouth

  Laodice 9   - a queen who fought against the Parthians, early 1st century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_13.371 come as an auxiliary to Laodice, queen of the Gileadites,

  Laodice 10   - the mother of Seleucus I
Wikipedia entry
Just_15.4 ances. His mother Laodice, being married to Antiochus,

  Laodice 11   - the daughter of Seleucus I
Malal_198 ama, who were called Apama and Laodice. After the death

  Laodice 12   - daughter of Seleucus IV and wife of Perseus
Wikipedia entry
Syll_639 (c. 177)   this statue of queen Laodike, daughter of king Sel

  Laodice 13   - daughter of Antiochus IV of Syria
149/42 Ammonius murders Laodice and other members of the Syrian royal family

  Laodice 14   - daughter of Antiochus VIII Grypus
OGIS_405 Mithridates Kallinikos and queen Laodike the goddess Philadelphos,

  Laodice   - in documents
SelPap_1.186 1 /2 ob. ; for entertaining Laodice 2 ob.; . . .

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