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  Lethe   - a river in the Underworld
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_9.279   eceived from the bark of Lethe three hundred dead, all sla
AnthPal_11.45   earth to the bitter water of Lethe. Farewell, you topers
AntipSid_7.498   himself entered the haven of Lethe. [7.711] & { G-P 56
AntipSid_7.711   way and took her to the sea of Lethe. All sadly her girl
Ennius:Ann_536   , on 'and the river of Lethe which floats in front of
Plin:HN_4.115   was called the River of Lethe, and a great many stories
POxy_1380   gods ; the glad face in Lethe ; the leader of the muses
Simonid_7.25   there in the house of Lethe, but that he has left Megis

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