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  Leto   - the mother of Apollo and Artemis
AnthPal_3.6 appeared and prevented Leto from approaching the oracle
AnthPal_3.14 daring to assault their mother Leto. Lustful and drunk wit
Athen_13.571 she says- & Niobe and Leto were of old & Affectionate
Athen_14.614 came into the temple of Leto, expecting to see some very
Athen_15.694 adel defend. III & Leto once in Delos, as they say, & Did
THI_23 (late 2nd cent.)   llo, Artemis, [and Leto?] by Lucius and Gaius Pe
THI_68 (163-145)   sacrificing in Paphos to Leto. This decree shall be
THI_76 (c. 303)   To Leto   the members of the
Isyll_F bed, O golden-haired son of Leto. I revere you. Then
Macedonicus_ ltless hymn sing of the son of Leto & [ . . . . . . Hail
OGIS_104 (167-145)   Apollo, Artemis and Leto by Areios of Athens, the
OGIS_256 (129-117)   Apollo, Artemis and Leto by Sosistratos of Samos,
OGIS_53 (c. 246)   oros, Artemis Enodia, Leto Euteknos and Herakles Ka
OGIS_746 (197)   nsecrated this city to Leto and Apollo and Artemis,
Paean:Delph_2 musician, whom blessed Leto bore beside the celebrated
Paean:Eryth_ the far-darting son of Leto - hail Paean - he who engend
RC_5 pattern, inscribed "of Leto", weight 198 drachmas 3
SEG_21.469 (129/8)   e [son] of Zeus and Leto 10 is also similarly commo
SEG_28.1224 (282)   be a sinner before Leto and all the other gods and
SEG_38.1476 (206/5)   e been destroyed; for Leto, the founding leader of
Syll_590 (c. 210-200)   the intercourse of Leto and Zeus in this place, and
Syll_633 (c. 180)   ymeus and Artemis and Leto and Athene and Zeus the
Syll_671 (160/59)   wn oxen to Apollo and Leto and Artemis, and they s

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