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  Leto   - the mother of Apollo and Artemis
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  + Latona
[Longin]:Subl_34   admirably versatile. His story of Leto, ** for instance, is highly
Aelian:NA_4.4   gth of time that it took Leto to travel from the Hyperbore
Aelian:NA_4.29   cock is the favourite bird of Leto. The reason is, they
Aelian:NA_10.14   loved of the child of Zeus and Leto {Apollo} when he says
Aelian:NA_10.26   the god was born after Leto had changed herself into a
Aelian:NA_10.35   of the daughter of Zeus and Leto.* [36] & I have ind
Aelian:NA_10.47   are said to be sacred to Leto and the Goddesses of Birth,
Aelian:NA_10.49   honour to the son of Zeus and Leto.* And so the land
Aelian:NA_11.10   of the son of Zeus and Leto, shall I refrain from tellin
Aelian:NA_11.40   was your doing, O son of Leto, mighty archer, that Nicocre
AnthPal_3.6   appeared and prevented Leto from approaching the oracle
AnthPal_3.14   daring to assault their mother Leto. Lustful and drunk wit
AnthPal_6.280   But, daughter of Leto, hold your hand over the girl, and
AnthPal_9.303   in labour with her puppies, Leto's daughter gave an eas
AnthPal_11.324   A. Then, Son of Leto, is there something that you too
AnthPal_12.55   & { H 2 } & Child of Leto, son of Zeus the great, who
AntipSid_16.178   the daughter of Leto: greedy Scylla, the destroyer of
AntipThes_9.238   stifies to the beauty of Leto and Zeus, and proclaims that
AntipThes_9.408   firm to help wandering Leto in her labour : I should nev
AntipThes_16.133   on the heavy wrath of Leto, mother of many children,
Aristonous_1   Apollo, pride and joy of Leto, Coeus' daughter, and by the
Athen_13.571   she says- & Niobe and Leto were of old & Affectionate
Athen_14.614   came into the temple of Leto, expecting to see some very
Athen_15.694     Leto once in Delos as they
Athen_15.701   treatise on Proverbs, says: " Leto, when she was taking Apollo
Demetr:Eloc_129   nymphs of the field, and Leto beholds her with pride, And
Isyll_F   bed, O golden-haired son of Leto. I revere you. Then
LeonTar_6.202   portals, O daughter of Leto, her tasselled girdle and
Lucill_11.253   had some quarrel with Leto, or else you would not have
Macedonicus_   ltless hymn sing of the son of Leto & [ . . . . . . Hail
Meleager_5.141   than the harp of the son of Leto. [5.143] & { G-P 45
Mnasalcas_6.128   gift from the wars to Artemis, Leto's child. For often in
OGIS_53   (c. 246)   oros, Artemis Enodia, Leto Euteknos and Herakles Ka
OGIS_104   (167-145)   Apollo, Artemis and Leto by Areios of Athens, the
OGIS_144   (c. 131/0) her, to Apollo, Artemis and Leto.
OGIS_256   (129-117)   Apollo, Artemis and Leto by Sosistratos of Samos,
OGIS_746   (197)   nsecrated this city to Leto and Apollo and Artemis,
Paean:Delph_2   musician, whom blessed Leto bore beside the celebrated
Paean:Eryth_   the far-darting son of Leto - hail Paean - he who engend
Philip_6.240   her daughter of Zeus and Leto, Artemis, watcher of wild
Philip_9.22   acceptable sacrifice to Latona's daughter a heifer big
Philip_9.307   hated the son of Leto, she desires Zeus the son of Aenea
Plin:HN_34.77   the temple of Concord a Leto as Nursing Mother, with the
Plin:HN_36.24   Rome his works are the Latona in the temple of the
Plin:HN_36.34   of Apollo and furthermore a Latona, a Diana, the Nine Muses,
POxy_1380   sacred games ; in Lycia Leto ; at Myra in Lycia sage, fre
RC_5   pattern, inscribed "of Leto", weight 198 drachmas 3
SEG_21.469   (129/8)   e [son] of Zeus and Leto 10 is also similarly commo
SEG_28.1224   (282)   be a sinner before Leto and all the other gods and
SEG_33.1183   (260/59) up in the temple of Leto.
SEG_33.1184   (196)   s location in the temple of Leto. [The] other is to
SEG_38.1476   (206/5)   e been destroyed; for Leto, the founding leader of
SEG_44.1218   (150-110) Xanthians in the temple of Leto, and the other shall be
SEG_54.744   (c. 225-200) victim shall be offered to Leto ; a full-grown female sheep
SEG_60.1569   (c. 160-150) one in the temple of Leto that is at Xanthos, one
SEG_61.722.D   (111/0) Polias and Pythian Apollo and Leto and Artemis and Ares and
SelPap_3.114   loved Poseidippus once, son of Leto . . . an utterance,
Simonid_6.212   that the god, the son of Leto, who presides over the marke
Simonid_6.215   ilors of Diodorus dedicated to Leto in memory of the sea-f
Syll_590   (c. 210-200)   the intercourse of Leto and Zeus in this place, and
Syll_633   (c. 180)   ymeus and Artemis and Leto and Athena and Zeus the
Syll_671   (160/59)   wn oxen to Apollo and Leto and Artemis, and they s
Syll_749.A   (shortly after 65) o Apollo, Artemis (?) and Leto ]; when Zenon son of
THI_23   (late 2nd cent.)   llo, Artemis, [and Leto?] by Lucius and Gaius Pe
THI_68   (163-145)   sacrificing in Paphos to Leto. This decree shall be
THI_76   (c. 303)   To Leto   the members of the
ValMax_1.5.7   Fate and the son of Leto slew." This god - being

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