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  Lucania   - a region in Southern Italy
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  + Lucani , Lucanian , Lucanians
285/18 lved in fighting against the Lucanians and the inhabitants of Vulsini
285/19 in recognition of his help in protecting them from the Lucanians.
282/31 Fabricius defeats the Lucanians near Thurii.
282/40 tue to Fabricius for his help in protecting them from the Lucanians.
281/15 Fabricius, over the Samnites, Lucanians, and Bruttii.
278/33 elebrates a triumph over the Lucanians, Bruttii, Tarentines and Samni
276/1 The triumph of Brutus, over the Lucanians and Bruttii.
276/12 The Romans attack the Samnites and Lucanians.
275/1 triumph of Fabius Gurges, over the Samnites, Lucanians, and Bruttii.
274/2 The triumph of Lentulus, over the Samnites and Lucanians.
274/23 Curius celebrates an "ovatio" after defeating the Lucanians.
272/1 iumph of Claudius Canina, over the Lucanians, Samnites, and Bruttii.
272/31 triumphs, over the ? Samnites, Lucanians, Bruttii, and Tarentines.
212/11 killed after being led into a trap by a Lucanian called Flavus.
212/15 Hannibal defeats M.Centenius in Lucania.
203/26 Fabius of a Marsian and a Lucanian who were both suspected of trea
100/15 CIL_1.582, a fragment of a Roman law found at Bantia in Lucania
91/34 Ser.Galba is captured by the Lucanians, but escapes.
89/21 Carbo defeats the Lucanians.
89/30 A.Gabinius is defeated and killed in Lucania.
71/8 slaves separated from Spartacus' main army, near a Lucanian lake.
54/55 Iron raining in Lucania is taken as an omen of disaster for Crassus'
    Within translations:
Cic:Tusc_1.89   death of Albinus; nor the Lucanians, that of Gracchus. But are
CIL_1.7   ium; he overcame all the Lucanian land and brought hos
CIL_1.1687   atin Text Unknown. Tegianum in Lucania. . . . made, po
CIL_1.2541a   On a pillar found at Atina in Lucania. Gnaeus Vinu
CIL_1.638   Near Forum Popilli (Polla) in Lucania. 132 B.C. Pub
CIL_1.639   tin Text (a) Found at Atina in Lucania. Now at Naples.
CIL_6.37048   [he conquered the Lucanians and Bruttii and celebra
Diod_36.8   Acarnanians; six hundred Lucanians, under the command of
Diod_37.2   people of Asculum, the Lucanians, the Picentines, the
FastTr__L   of Lavinii, a town in Latium Lucani Inhabitants of Lucan
FastTr_p97   consul, & over the Samnites, Lucani and Bruttii,] 3 non.
FastTr_p98   consul (II), & over the Lucani, Bruttii, Tarentines and
Just_12.2   with the Bruttians and Lucanians, and captured several
Just_18.1   ties of the Samnites and Lucanians, who likewise needed
Just_23.1   had conquered in war the Lucanians their founders, and mad
LeonTar_6.129   the arms, spoil of the Lucanians, that Hagnon, son of
LeonTar_6.131   eat shields won from the Lucanians, and the row of bridles
Naev:Pun_65   will a lobster spawn a Lucanian cow, 'Lucanian cow' mean
Nepos_23.5   ** into an ambuscade in Lucania and destroyed him. In a
Obseq_38   smashed asunder. The land in Lucania and Privernum gaped open. In
Obseq_43   to touch the sky. In Lucania two lambs were born with
Obseq_52   perspired. In the territory of Lucania flames surrounded a flock of
Oros_3.11   In a great battle in Lucania, however, he was defeated and
Oros_3.14   overthrown by the Sabines in Lucania. Philip had earlier made him
Oros_3.18   king of the Spartans, in Lucania with Alexander, the king of
Oros_3.22   Domitius >283 B.C. the Lucanians, Bruttians, and Samnites made
Oros_4.2   fought against the Epirots at Lucania in the Arusinian Plains. 4
Oros_4.9   of which extends from the Lucanian Mountains out into the deep.
Oros_4.16   led into ambush by a Lucanian, his host, and slain. Of
Oros_5.18   against the Samnites and Lucani, slaying many thousands of
Oros_7.28   living in retirement in Lucania. 6 This Maximianus Herculius
Plin:HN_3.38   then of Picenum and Lucania and the Bruttii, the
Plin:HN_3.71   the third region, the Lucanian and Bruttian territory; in
Plin:HN_3.98   the town of Thebes in Lucania has disappeared and Theopompus says
Plin:HN_6.216   Locri, Regium, the Lucanian territory, Neapolis, Puteoli,
Plin:HN_8.16   because they were seen in Lucania {280 BC} but Rome first
Plin:HN_37.182   and indeed, moreover, in Lucania. It is honey-coloured with
Plinius:Ep_7.3   so much time first in Lucania and then in Campania ?
Plut:Mor_195   was informed of a Lucanian soldier that frequently wander
Polyaen_2.10.2   command had defeated the Lucanians, led his men back to
Polyaen_2.10.4   war against the Lucanians, Cleandridas, whose own army
SEG_63.957   (c. 200-190) e presidents; since Apollonios of Lucania the son of [D]ion, w
ValMax_1.6.8   he was sacrificing among the Lucanians, two snakes on a sudden
ValMax_1.8.6   When the Bruttians and Lucanians with most inveterate hatred
ValMax_5.1e.6   into an ambush of the Lucanians, to be honourably buried, and
ValMax_7.3.7   dubious loyalty, and a Lucanian cavalryman, who served vigorously
ValMax_7.4.4   in the territory of the Lucanians, though making a pretence of

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