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  Lysimachus   - king of Thrace, 323-281 B.C.
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322/4b Lysimachus fights against Seuthes in Thrace.
313/1a Lysimachus puts down rebellions in his kingdom, and defeats and kills
311/22 agrees to a peace treaty with Cassander, Lysimachus, and Ptolemy.
305/24 Cassander and Lysimachus take the title of king.
304/5 Supplies from Ptolemy, Cassander, and Lysimachus reach Rhodes.
302/7 Lysimachus marries Amastris, the widow of Dionysius of Heracleia.
302/11 Lysimachus invades Asia and captures Sigeum, Synnada, Ephesus, Coloph
302/12 his new capital of Antigoneia, in order to march against Lysimachus.
302/16 pt, after hearing a false rumour of Lysimachus' defeat by Antigonus.
302/17 Lysimachus retreats to a prepared position in order to withstand the
302/18 Lysimachus escapes with his army from Dorylaeum, and Antigonus is una
302/24 Lysimachus massacres some of the Autariatae, to prevent them desertin
301/13 Demetrius and Lysimachus exchange insults.
301/18 ntigonus is defeated and killed by Seleucus and Lysimachus at Ipsus.
300/13 Greece, and sails to the Chersonese in order to attack Lysimachus.
299/3b Lysimachus marries Arsinoe, daughter of Ptolemy.
298/7 Philippides obtains wheat and other aid for Athens from Lysimachus.
294/17 Coalition of Lysimachus, Seleucus, and Ptolemy against Demetrius.
292/4 age of Agathocles the son of Lysimachus to Lysandra the daughter
292/15 Lysimachus and his son Agathocles are defeated and captured by the
291/7 Ceraunus seeks refuge with Lysimachus after being forced to leave
288/1 Ptolemy, Lysimachus, and Pyrrhus form a coalition against Demetriu
288/11a THI_110, a decree of Ephesus in honour of an officer of Lysimachus.
288/14 Demetrius advances against Lysimachus, but returns when he receives
288/18 Lysimachus captures Amphipolis.
288/19 The partition of Macedonia between Pyrrhus and Lysimachus.
287/3 Lysimachus captures Heracleia and kills the tyrants Oxathras and Clea
287/4 Lysimachus gives the cities of Heracleia, Tius, and Amastris as a gif
286/15 Lysimachus kills Antipater, son of Cassander.
286/16 Demetrius marches inland, pursued by Agathocles son of Lysimachus.
285/4 Demochares is sent as an ambassador to Lysimachus.
285/7a 867, Athenian decrees in honour of two friends of king Lysimachus.
285/14 ecree of Priene in honour of Lysimachus, and a letter of Lysimachus
285/15 Seleucus rejects Lysimachus' advice that Demetrius should be put
285/16 Lysimachus expels Pyrrhus from Macedonia.
285/17a With the help of Lysimachus, Xanthippus liberates Elateia from Antigo
284/5 Lysimachus invades Epirus, while Pyrrhus is out of the country.
284/7a Inscr_60, recording a grant by Lysimachus of land near Cassandreia.
284/9 Lysimachus annexes Paeonia.
283/6 Lysimachus kills his son Agathocles.
282/3 Ptolemy, ignores the threats made against him by Lysimachus.
282/26 OGIS_13, a letter of Lysimachus to Samos, concerning a boundary dispu
282/27 Miletus, to enable Miletus to make a payment demanded by Lysimachus.
282/28 War breaks out between Lysimachus and Seleucus.
282/34 Philetaerus stops supporting Lysimachus.
282/35 Ptolemy Ceraunus leaves Lysimachus and seeks refuge with Seleucus.
281/1a 373, a statue of Hadeia, the sister-in-law of Lysimachus, at Oropus.
281/2 Onesicritus recites his histories to Lysimachus.
281/3 Menedemus is sent as an ambassador to Lysimachus.
281/4 Sotades attacks both Lysimachus and Ptolemy Philadelphus.
281/5 Lysimachus builds or refounds cities at Nicaea, Alexandria, Ephesus,
281/6 Lysimachus destroys the city of Astacus.
281/7 Lysimachus attempts to tax salt which is collected at Tagasae.
281/8 Lysimachus banishes all philosophers from his kingdom.
281/9 Lysimachus punishes Telesphorus for an insult against Arsinoe.
281/10 Lysimachus carefully fortifies his camp after being forced to stop
281/11 Lysimachus discovers a new herb with a pungent smell.
281/12 yings of Bithys, Pasiades, and Philippides, addressed to Lysimachus.
281/13 Territory controlled by Lysimachus.
281/14 Lysimachus is defeated and killed by Seleucus at the battle of Corupe
280/24 ithres, a former minister of Lysimachus who had been arrested at Peir
279/4 between Ptolemy Ceraunus and Ptolemy the son of Lysimachus.
240/1 55, a decree of Telmessus in honour of Ptolemy son of Lysimachus.

  Lysimachus 2   - Athenian archon, 436 B.C.
Plut:Mor_836 eighty-sixth Olympiad, Lysimachus being archon [436 B.C.

  Lysimachus 3   - an opponent of Isocrates, 4th century B.C.
Plut:Mor_839 commenced against him by Lysimachus, who would have him

  Lysimachus 4   - a parasite of Attalus I
197/6 Lysimachus is the teacher and parasite of Attalus.
    Within translations:
Athen_6.252 was over less so." And Lysimachus was a flatterer and

  Lysimachus 5   - the brother of Menelaus, the Jewish high priest, 2nd century B.C.
169/12 Lysimachus the brother of Menelaus is killed in a riot at Jerusalem.
    Within translations:
2Macc_4 aus left his own brother Lysimachus as deputy in the high
Joseph:AJ_13.361 slain; for his brother Lysimachus envying him for the

  Lysimachus 6   - a wealthy citizen of Babylon, 2nd century
Poseidon_13 .K] & Athen_11.466'b-c & Lysimachus the Babylonian invites

  Lysimachus 7   - Jewish envoy, 1st century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_14.222 high priest were these: Lysimachus, the son of Pausanias,
Joseph:AJ_14.307 the army. [307] Lysimachus, the son of Pausanias, and

  Lysimachus   - in documents
240/1 55, a decree of Telmessus in honour of Ptolemaeus son of Lysimachus.
    Within translations:
AnthPal_6.326 Nicis the Libyan, son of Lysimachus, dedicates his Cretan
Lucill_11.210 he approach, but always has Lysimachus for a friend.
Lucill_11.315 tiochus once set eyes on Lysimachus' cushion, and Lysimach
OGIS_51 (c. 269-246)   s Philadelphoi, since Lysimachos of the Sostrateus
OGIS_55 (240)   ce Ptolemaios son of Lysimachos, who received the
OGIS_728 (276/5)   e prytaneis]: since Lysimachos of the Sostrateus tr
PCairZen_59033 senger had not been sent on to Lysimachos in Alexandria.
PCairZen_59044 wance and his servant by Lysimachos the robber, as he was
PCairZen_59481 coating, together with Lysimachos and Nephoreites and
SEG_46.2120 (257)   of Ptolemais, son of Lysimachos, the toparch of
Syll_322 krates son of Apollonios Lysimachos son of Aristeas Me
Syll_341 (303/2)   Hermos, the son of Lysimachos: since Nikon of Ab
Syll_362 (299/8)   any, in the assembly; Lysimachos of Prospalta, the
Syll_367 (286/5)   , the son of Lysimachos, and the other presidents
Syll_375 (283/2)   Hermos, the son of Lysimachos: so that the astyn
Syll_555 (c. 209/8)   , and the councillors were] Lysimachos [. . . ] [B]
Syll_556 (c. 209/8)   the councillors were Lysimachos, Archelas, Lysida
Syll_599 (c. 196-192)   lis son of Antipappos Lysimachos son of Dionysios
Syll_657 (155/4)   ia, the son of Philon Lysimachos of Acharnai, the
THI_107 (188-186)   ion Philiskos son of Lysimachos Demetrios son of Ar
THI_151 (145-137)   n of Bion Philippos son of Lysimachos Timokrates so
THI_80 (242)   rseer {epistates} and Lysimachos was priest, a decr

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