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  Magas   - king of Cyrene, early 3rd century B.C.
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300/14 Magas becomes governor of Cyrene.
275/8 Magas marries Apame, the daughter of Antiochus.
275/19 Magas invades Egypt, but is soon forced to return home.
263/5 Magas seizes Philemon but lets him go unharmed, after being attacked
250/10 Magas, the king of Cyrene, dies of over-eating.
    Within translations:
Athen_12.550 ory of Europe, says that Magas, who was king of Cyrene for
Euseb]:Chron_249 acedonians, and the latter [to Magas?]. When he died, he
Just_26.3 the same time died Magas, king of Cyrene, who, before he
Polyaen_2.28.1 had made in the walls. [28] & Magas.   When Magas left
Polyaen_2.28.2 return. & When Magas captured Paraetonium, he order
THI_65 (c. 238)   the daughter of king Magas [D]   Queen Arsino&
THI_71 (300-261)   [alliance] with king Magas on the same terms as tha

  Magas 2   - brother of Ptolemy IV, king of Egypt
223/6a Ptolemy sends his son Magas to lead Egyptian forces in Asia Minor.
220/16 The murder of Magas, the brother of Ptolemy, and his mother Bereni
    Within translations:
PHaun_6 γας Magas υτο
Plut:Cleom_33 afraid of his brother Magas, who, through his mother's
THI_65 (c. 238)   tolemaios [H]   Magas of Macedonia, the son of
Zenob_4.92 fatally scalded Magas, the brother of Philopator, in

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