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  Mallus   - a city in Cilicia
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313/25 army by forced marches to Mallus, but arrives after Ptolemy has
170/6 The cities of Tarsus and Mallus rebel against Antiochus.
168/60 Crates of Mallus lectures at Rome.
145/8 the philosopher Crates of Mallus, who was famous for his studies
67/33 pirates at Pompeiopolis (Soli), Mallus, Adana, and Dyme in Achaea.
    Within translations:
2Macc_4   people of Tarsus and of Mallus revolted because their cit
Porph:Fr_46   disias, Soli, Zephyrium, Mallus, Anemurium, Selenum, Corac
Syll_1079.B   (c. 150-90) actor : Herakleitos of Mallos, son of Menodoros
THI_61.C   (early 2nd century)   bsp; Kleinagoras of Mallos, the son of Straton

  Mallus   - in documents
SEG_57.1409 (333-250)   , Idaadis, Tonaollis, Mallos, Nous, Enneis, Kouas,

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