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  Mamercinus   (L. Pinarius Mamercinus Rufus) - Roman consul, 472 B.C.
FastCap_p28 ulus [472] & L. Pinarius . . . Mamercinus Rufus , P. Furiu

  Mamercinus 4   (M'. Aemilius Mamercinus) - Roman consul, 410 B.C.
FastCap_p34 II M'. Aemilius Mam.f. M.n. Mamercinus T. Quinctius T.f
FastCap_p36 III M'. Aemilius Mam.f. M.n. Mamercinus III L. Valerius

  Mamercinus 5   (C. Aemilius Mamercinus) - consular tribune, 394 B.C.
FastCap_p36 lensis C. Aemilius Ti.f. Ti.n. Mamercinus P. Cornelius .
FastCap_p38 milius Ti.f. Ti.n. Mamercinus II [390] & military tribunes

  Mamercinus 6   (L. Aemilius Mamercinus) - consular tribune, 7 times from 391 B.C.
FastCap_p38 * * L. Aemilius Mam.f. M.n. Mamercinus Agripp. Furius
FastCap_p40 eticus L. Aemilius Mam.f. M.n. Mamercinus VI Cn. Sergius

  Mamercinus 7   (L. Aemilius Mamercinus) - Roman consul, 366 B.C.
FastCap_p40 milius L.f. Mam.n. Mamercinus - in order to manage public
FastCap_p42 366] & L. Aemilius L.f. Mam.n. Mamercinus , L. Sextius Sex

  Mamercinus 9   (L. Aemilius Mamercinus Privernas) - Roman consul 341 and 329 B.C.
  + Aemilius
316/31 The dictator L.Aemilius defeats the Samnites near Saticula.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p44 Aemilius L.f. L.n. Mamercinus II - who was given the name
FastCap_p46 Aemilius L.f. L.n. Mamercinus Privernas II , magister equi
FastTr_p95 Aemilius L.f. L.n. Mamercinus Privernas, consul (II), &

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