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  Marius   (C. Marius) - Roman consul, seven times from 107 B.C. onwards
Wikipedia entry
134/3 eagle's brood foretells the number of Marius' consulships.
134/4 C.Marius spends his early life in the countryside near Arpinum.
133/18 Scipio praises C.Marius.
120/5 C.Marius is elected tribune.
119/1 The tribune C.Marius passes a voting law, despite the opposition
119/2 Marius opposes the extension of the corn dole, and M.Octavius passes
117/6 Elections at Rome: C.Marius fails to be elected aedile, and M.Scaurus
116/10 C.Marius is elected praetor; he is subsequently accused of bribery,
114/9 Marius as propraetor curbs banditry in Further Spain.
109/16 Marius makes himself popular in the Roman army.
109/27 The birth of C.Marius, son of Marius.
108/3 Marius plans to stand for the consulship, but does not get the suppor
108/9 Marius returns to Rome and is elected consul for the following year.
107/_ Consuls: L. Cassius L.f. Longinus, C. Marius C.f.
107/1 ssign the command in Numidia to Marius, who begins his preparations.
107/4 Marius arrives in Numidia, and captures Capsa.
106/5 Marius captures a fort near the river Muluccha.
106/10 quaestor L.Sulla arrives at Marius' camp with reinforcements from
106/12 Marius defeats the joint forces of Jugurtha and Bocchus.
106/14 Marius defeats Jugurtha and Bocchus in a second battle near Cirta,
106/15 Marius sends Sulla and A.Manlius on a mission to Bocchus.
105/5 Marius' soldiers hunt and kill a deadly wild beast which is called
105/8 Marius rewards the Gaetuli for their assistance.
105/15 Marius is elected consul in his absence.
104/_ Consuls: C. Marius C.f. II, C. Flavius C.f. Fimbria
104/1 The triumph of Marius, after which Jugurtha is put to death.
104/1a Marius enters a meeting of the senate in his triumphal robes.
104/14 is accused of the murder of C.Lusius, but is acquitted by Marius.
104/18 Marius is elected consul again.
104/24 C.Marius reforms the Roman army.
104/26 Marius seeks aid from Bithynia.
103/_ Consuls: C. Marius C.f. III, L. Aurelius L.f. Orestes
103/7 Elections for new consuls: Saturninus helps Marius to be re-elected.
103/10 passes a law to provide land in Africa for the veterans of Marius.
103/14 Marius starts to wear a gold ring, instead of the traditional iron
103/20 Marius sends a letter to test the loyalty of the Gauls and Ligurians.
102/_ Consuls: C. Marius C.f. IV, Q. Lutatius Q.f. Catulus
102/4 Marius fortifies his camp and digs a new channel at the mouth of the
102/14 Marius keeps his army in camp and avoids combat.
102/18 The second battle at Aquae Sextiae: Marius destroys the Teutones.
102/19 Marius is elected consul again.
102/21 Marius sells off plunder from the Teutones.
101/_ Consuls: C. Marius C.f. V, M'. Aquillius M'.f.
101/5 Marius sacrifices his daughter Calpurnia to ensure victory against
101/6 Marius joins up with the army of Catulus.
101/7 Marius and Catulus destroy the Cimbri at Campi Raudii, near Vercellae
101/8 General comments on Marius' defeat of the Cimbri and Teutones.
101/10 Marius grants Roman citizenship to soldiers from Camerinum.
101/18 The triumph of Marius and Catulus.
101/21 Elections for new consuls; Marius is re-elected after working hard
100/_ Consuls: C. Marius C.f. (VI), L. Valerius L.f. Flaccus
100/4 ses an agrarian law, which provides allotments for Marius' veterans.
100/8 Marius puts L.Equitius into prison, but he is rescued by a mob.
100/13 nemies, and they are killed by a mob after being captured by Marius.
100/14 Marius orders the return of Fannia's dowry, after she is divorced by
100/19a Syll_713, an inscription from a statue of Marius at Olympia.
99/9 Marius dedicates a temple to Honour and Virtue.
98/2 Marius visits Cappadocia and other eastern countries.
98/12 RP_343, the inscription from a statue in honour of Marius at Delos.
97/7 C.Marius buys a house in the centre of Rome.
91/30 Sulla and Marius quarrel over statues erected at Rome by Bocchus, kin
90/14 lenus, but a counter-attack by C.Marius stops him advancing further.
90/16 appointed to share the command against the Marsi with C.Marius.
90/26 C.Marius defeats the Marsi and kills over 6,000 of them.
90/30 indecisive fighting between C.Marius and the Marsi under Poppaedius;
89/3 Marius is forced by ill health to give up his command.
88/9 The role of Marius, Sulla, and the other leaders of the opposing side
88/15 Marius takes regular exercise to show that he is fit enough to take
88/27 ulpicius passes a law giving Marius the command against Mithridates.
88/31 Sulla defeats Marius and his supporters inside Rome, near the Esquili
88/38 and Sulpicius are outlawed: Marius escapes, but Sulpicius is capture
88/39 Marius is discovered hiding in a swamp near Minturnae.
88/40 ants of Minturnae send a Gaul to kill Marius, but he fails to do so.
88/41 Marius is allowed to escape by boat.
88/51 Marius is almost captured on the coast of Sicily.
88/52 Marius attempts to land near Carthage in the province of Africa, but
88/60 Marius moves to Numidia, and begins to gather together his friends
87/15 Marius returns from exile, and advances through Etruria, where he is
87/19 Cinna, Carbo, Sertorius, and Marius surround Rome with their forces.
87/21 Marius captures and sacks Ostia.
87/29 Marius and Cinna launch an attack on Rome, but are repelled; a soldie
87/35 sends envoys to Cinna and Marius, and agrees to allow them to ente
87/44 Antonius is hunted down and killed by Marius' soldiers.
87/45 charius is put to death because Marius fails to return his greeting.
87/51 ominent Romans are killed by Marius and Cinna; and Sulla is declared
87/52 refuse to plunder the property of the victims of Marius and Cinna.
87/58 Cinna and Marius declare themselves consuls for the following year
86/_ Consuls: L. Cornelius L.f. Cinna (II), C. Marius C.f. (VII)
86/1 Marius orders the murder of Sex.Lucilius.
86/3 eagle provides an omen for Marius at Arpinum.
86/4 Marius undergoes an operation for varicose veins.
86/5 Marius builds a villa near Misenum, which earns the admiration of Sul
86/6 Marius always drinks from the same tankard.
86/7 General comments on the warlike and uncouth character of Marius.
86/8 The death of C.Marius.
86/9 tempts to murder Scaevola at Marius' funeral, and then prosecutes him
86/11 Flaccus is appointed consul in place of Marius.
81/29 Sulla digs up the body of Marius and destroys his monuments.
65/14 Caesar restores Marius' monuments.
57/14 The senate meets in Marius' temple of Virtue, and passes a decree ins
45/22 impostor pretends to be the grandson of Marius.
Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Marius

  Marius 2   (C. Marius) - Roman consul, 82 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
109/27 The birth of C.Marius, son of Marius.
83/30 The young C.Marius is elected consul, despite being far below the leg
83/31 Marius and the consuls recruit more troops, to carry on the fighting
82/_ Consuls: C. Marius C.f., Cn. Papirius Cn.f. Carbo (III)
82/10 Sulla defeats Marius at Sacriportus, and forces him to take refuge
82/15 Marius orders a massacre of his opponents at Rome, including C.Carbo
82/16 Marius removes a great quantity of gold from the Capitol and elsewher
82/24 to Praeneste, and stops an attempt by the Samnites to reach Marius.
82/36 Praeneste is captured and Marius commits suicide: the end of the civi
    Within translations:
Diod_38.12-15 *   eered to join the consul Marius, the son of Marius, when
Exsuper_52   everybody. [52] Marius and Sulla fought near Rome; Mari
FastCap_p74   C. Norbanus . . . [82] & C. Marius C.f. C.n. - killed
FGrH_252.A   shutting up the consul Marius in Praeneste, killed him
Nepos:Att_1   Lucius Torquatus, Caius Marius the younger, and Marcus
Nepos:Att_2   however, assisted young Marius, when declared an enemy,
Oros_5.18   Marsi at Lake Fucinus, the son of C. Marius, as if
Oros_5.20   to Claudius, the army of Marius lost twenty-five thousand troops. 7
Oros_5.21   the four consuls, Carbo, Marius, Norbanus, and Scipio. Among
Plin:HN_7.158   in the consulship of Gaius Marius and Gnaeus Carbo {82 BC}
Plin:HN_7.165   in the consulship of Gaius Marius and Gnaeus Carbo (the latter's
Plin:HN_33.16   later the gold that Gaius Marius the younger had conveyed to
Sall:Hist_1.30   ught against the younger Marius, who was defeated and fled
Sall:Hist_1.67   of Sulpicius, next of Marius and Damisippus, and now
ValMax_6.8.2   [8.2]   The consul C. Marius, who came to such a
ValMax_7.6.4   In the consulship of C. Marius and Cn. Carbo, who fought

  Marius 3   (M. Marius) - Roman quaestor, 76 B.C.; sent by Sertorius to help Mithridates
Wikipedia entry
72/16 Marius is put in charge of part of Mithridates' fleet, but he is defe
    Within translations:
Memn_28   pointed Hermaeus and (?) Marius to lead the foot-soldiers,
Oros_6.2   to Spain. Sertorius sent M. Marius to him for the purpose

  Marius 6   (M. Marius) - a friend of Cicero
55/32 Cic:Fam_7.1, a letter from Cicero to M.Marius.
51/1 Cic:Fam_7.2 & 13.75, letters from Cicero to M.Marius and T.Titius.
46/31 Cic:Fam_5.21 & 7.3, letters from Cicero to L.Mescinius and M.Marius.
46/83 Cic:Fam_7.4. a letter from Cicero to M.Marius, written at Cumae.

  Marius 8   - tribune of the plebs, 62 B.C.
62/34a The tribunes Cato and Marius pass a law to define the procedure for
ValMax_2.8.1   by another law, which L. Marius and M. Cato brought in

  Marius   - in documents
CIL_1.1656 [vi] Marcus Marius; I appeal to you to e
CIL_1.1672 [v] Your best friend - Marcus Marius. Elect him ae
CIL_1.2135 rvedly. CIL_1 .2135 Marius (?) Popius. On a

Mariussee Amatius

Mariussee Egnatius2

Mariussee Gratidianus

Mariussee Priscus11

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