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  Masurius   - one of the speakers in the Deipnosophists of Athenaeus
Athen_5.196   absolutely mad, [196]   Masurius brought forward Callixei
Athen_5.221   [64.] [221] When Masurius had said this, and when all
Athen_6.271   And when he was silent, Masurius said,- But since some
Athen_6.272   are well acquainted, my friend Masurius) had a great many
Athen_14.623   praising the pastime, Masurius, who excelled in everyth
Athen_14.633   the sambuca. And Masurius said that the sambuca was a
Athen_14.634   - "But, my good friend Masurius, I myself often, being
Athen_14.639   638) [44.] & [639] When Masurius had said this, the secon
Athen_14.653   on the table. And Masurius said- & But let us not postpo
Athen_15.687     In reply to this, Masurius said:- But, my most excellent

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