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  Mecheir   - a month in the Egyptian calendar
AET_9.2   (164)   s. He was born in year 11, Mecheir 13 {22nd March
AET_9.2.B   was born in year 11, Mecheir 13 22nd March 194 B.C.
AET_9.2.E   Hermonthis his dwelling place, on Mecheir 22 perhaps a mistake for
OGIS_178   (95)   the race course. Year 19, Mecheir 20. → inscri
PCairZen_59130   Year 30, Peritios intercalary, Mecheir 23. P.S.} & Patrok
PCairZen_59132   bout this. Farewell. Year 29 , Mecheir 30 . Addressed}
PCairZen_59263   nformation. Farewell. Year 34, Mecheir 9. Addressed} &
PCairZen_59329   vegetables. Farewell. Year 37, Mecheir 28. zzzzzFROM PEMNA
PCairZen_59344   disposal. Farewell. Year 1, Mecheir 11. zzzzzPETITION
PCairZen_59371   ing. On the 8th of Mecheir Ammonios began to put the farms
PLond_1976   arewell. Docketed} & Year 32, Mecheir. From Haynchis. zzz
SelPap_1.5   most noble Caesar, Augusti, Mecheir 2. {Signed} I,
SelPap_1.36   in the current year on Mecheir 8, ten cubits long
SelPap_1.41   (05)   rachmae from Thoth to Mecheir and of 583 drachmae 2
SelPap_1.46   1st of the next month Mecheir of the current 125th=
SelPap_1.54   the month Xandicus or Mecheir, at Tebtunis in the d
SelPap_1.57   nus Augustus Germanicus, Mecheir [.], at Oxyrhynchu
SelPap_1.77   the present 24th year on Mecheir 30 for the 1800 drac
SelPap_1.85   ius Severus Pertinax Augustus, Mecheir 27. The remai
SelPap_1.110   my brothers Lycus and . . . Mecheir 12. {Addressed}
SelPap_1.186   entertaining Tyche 3 ob. 9th Mecheir: . . . 1 dr. 3
SelPap_2.254   of Antoninus Caesar the lord, Mecheir 17. {Endorsed
SelPap_2.285   Apollinarius. {Dated} Year 12, Mecheir 29. {Subscri
SelPap_2.306   noth of the 10th year to Mecheir 30 of the 14th year
SelPap_2.310   l-tax, died in the month Mecheir of this present 13th
SelPap_2.320   Quietus Pii Felices Augusti, Mecheir 21. {Signed} Pr
SelPap_2.356   day of the next month Mecheir of the present 1st
SelPap_2.366   (3rd-2nd cent.)   chite nome for Tubi and Mecheir of the 7th year, na
SelPap_2.371   ianus Antoninus Augustus Pius, Mecheir 27. Paid into
SelPap_2.372   of Antoninus Caesar the lord, Mecheir 29. I, Heraclas
SelPap_2.380   iberius Caesar Augustus, Mecheir 13, paid through Diog
SelPap_2.402   sum there were paid on Mecheir 23 : to an actor 496
SelPap_2.408   ebaid, for the days from Mecheir 2 to 13 of the 11th i
SelPap_2.419   of Tiberius Caesar Augustus, Mecheir 21. {Addressed
SelPap_2.424   she made through you in Mecheir of the 9th year of
SelPap_2.432   llage of Aphrodito. {Docketed} Mecheir 15, 8th indict
SelPap_2.433   the present letter. Written on Mecheir 4 of the 8th in

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