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  Medusa   - a Gorgon, whose face could turn men into stone
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  + Gorgon
Aelian:Fr_22 ward and challenging the Gorgon out of him, so to speak,
Aelian:NA_3.37 rom his contest with the Gorgon after covering an immense
AnthPal_3.11 into stone by Perseus with the Gorgon's head. He had sent
Antiphil_16.147 romeda ; the face is the Gorgon's, whose glance turns men
CIL_1.545 the neck of a bronze bust of Medusa. Found at Rome?
DioscEpigr_6.126 blazon on his shield the Gorgon, that turns men to stone,
Nicand:Al_100 off the teeming head of Medusa with his falchion, readily

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