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  Megara   - a city on the isthmus of Corinth, Greece
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  + Megarian , Megarians , Megaric
308/16 philosopher Stilpon to leave Megara and come to Egypt with him, but
307/17 Demetrius captures Megara.
273/10 Amphictyons in honour of Cephalion and Boïdiŏn of Megara.
265/18 Antigonus Gonatas captures Megara.
243/14 Aratus persuades Megara, Troezen, and Epidaurus to join the Achaean
234/4 Syll_471, recording Megarian arbitration in a dispute between Epidaur
192/3 Megara defects from the Boeotians and joins the Achaean League.
172/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Democritus of Megara
48/62 general of Caesar, captures Megara and subdues the rest of Greece.
    Within translations:
AnthPal_12.129 of Corinth and tombstones of Megara announce the same.
AnthPal_7.154 an image common to the Megarians and the Argives, the
Athen_6.262 istory of the Affairs of Megara- "Around the islands calle
Athen_7.281 rfumed most sweetly. & Let the Megarians sell and boil the
Athen_8.350 that he had a chorus at Megara, "You are joking," said
Athen_10.414 says that Herodorus, the Megarian trumpeter, was a man thr
Athen_13.559 that, too, though the Megarian poet [ Theognis_457 ]
Athen_13.570 carried away from her by the Megarians. & For some young
Athen_13.589 esent they are come from Megara, & But they by birth are
Athen_13.596 But Nicarete of Megara, who was a courtesan, was not
Callim:Epigr_27 Greek proverb about the Megarians, which is discussed in
Diog_Laert_07.161 great many names, as the Megaric philosophers did; but def
Diog_Laert_07.187 in, if a man is in Megara, he is not in Athens; but there
Diog_Laert_10.27 nst the Doctrines of the Megarians; Problems; Fundamental
DionHal:Din_3 honship, the city of the Megarians was captured; then Deme
Euseb]:Chron_185 into exile, and became king of Megara. The deeds of Europa
Euseb]:Chron_195 [720 B.C.] - Orsippus of Megara, stadion race A long race
Euseb]:Chron_197 [652 B.C.] - Cratinus of Megara, stadion race At these gam
Euseb]:Chron_209 B.C.] - Democritus of Megara, stadion race 153rd [168
Just_2.7 etween the Athenians and Megarians, concerning their respe
Just_13.5 be living in exile at Megara, 10 and learning that Hype
Memn_12 founded by settlers from Megara at the beginning of the
Philoch_66 [307/6], the city of the Megarians was captured; and King
Philoch_121 ing in the little spark of the Megarian decree". Philochor
Philoch_155 Athenians against the Megarians, regarding the holy org
Plut:Agis_13 route through the territory of Megara, and enter the Pelop
Plut:Arat_24 iate consequences ; the Megarians revolted from Antigonus
Plut:Arat_31 them on the confines of Megara ; and Agis, king of the
Plut:Demetr_9 city, and then sailed to Megara, where Cassander had anoth
Plut:Demetr_30 hey had conducted her to Megara with a proper retinue, and
Plut:Demetr_39 too, and the cities of Megara and Athens on the other
Plut:Mor_190 & To an inhabitant of Megara, that in a parley spoke
Plut:Mor_835 kept for execution, fled to Megara and there lived. But
Plut:Mor_848 mmer time, to go from hence to Megara. About noon, when
Plut:Mor_851 Euboeans, Corinthians, Megarians, Achaeans, Locrians,
Plut:Phoc_15 ome time after this, the Megarians applied to him privatel
Plut:Phoc_37 the burning of it in those of Megara. A woman of Megara,
Polyaen_01.20.1 been engaged against the Megarians for the island of Salam
Polyaen_04.6.3 At the siege of Megara, Antigonus brought his elephants
Polyaen_05.5.1 led colonists there from Megara, with the intention of set
PsCallisth_2.2 nay more, who routed the Megarians, made war on the Phocia
Simonid_13.19 Thebes, and the land of Megara ; and in Phlius, winning
Syll_331 (after 306)   izen of the city of Megara, himself and his desce
Syll_378 (c. 287)   s awarded to Timon of Megara, the son of Agathon,
Syll_389 (282)   ors : Theodoros of Megara, Themistonax of Paros,
Syll_417 (272)   inas, and Phainion of Megara, the son of Kallikles,
Syll_424 (256/5 or 254/3)   Epichoros ; Damon of Megara, the son of Eudemos Fl
Syll_485 (soon after 235/4)   Crete Kalligeitos of Megara Zoïlos of Thessaly
Syll_489 (c. 234)   eithes ; Diphilos of Megara, the son of Phrastor P
Syll_642 (c. 174-159)   n [for] the people of Megara, [leaving] nothing t
Syll_653 (c. 165)   den crown the city of Megara, with a wreath of la

  Megara 2   Hyblaea - a city on the east coast of Sicily
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Polyaen_01.27.3 overthrow the state of Megara, Gelon invited over to Sic
Polyaen_05.47.1 ontini, in a war against Megara concerning the boundaries

  Megara 3   - a district of Carthage
147/6 Scipio breaks into the Megara district of Carthage.

  Megara 4   - daughter of Creon; wife of Heracles
Wikipedia entry
PsCallisth_1.46 mad and in his rage & Smote Megara, his wife, with arro

  Megara 5   - mother of Ixion
AnthPal_3.12 for their murder of his mother Megara. They slew her out

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