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  Mesore   - a month in the Egyptian calendar
OGIS_168 (115)   ps on . . . of] Mesore in the second year, since wh
PCairZen_59150 Docketed} & Year 30 , Loios 2, Mesore 2. From Theodoros
PCairZen_59184 Docketed} & Year 31, Loios 28, Mesore 18. Apollonios conce
PCairZen_59308 sacrifices. Farewell. Year 36, Mesore. zzzzzFROM HOROS TO
PCairZen_59317 From the month of Choiak until Mesore is nine months. I
PCairZen_59337 written to. Farewell. Year 38, Mesore 19. zzzzzFROM MOLOSS
PLond_1934 Demetrios. Farewell. Year 28, Mesore ... Dionysios to Apo
PPetr_2-13-11 land. Farewell. Year (?) 28, Mesore 23. Addressed} &
PPetr_2-13-5 for you. Farewell. Year 29, Mesore 21. zzzzzFROM APOLLO
SelPap_1.113 you, each by name. Goodbye. Mesore 9. {Addressed
SelPap_1.151 then come to us in Mesore, in order that we may really
SelPap_1.188 And before this on Mesore 18th, 2 minae of meat, 1 pau
SelPap_1.35 must not be later than Mesore of the current 4th y
SelPap_1.41 (05)   bols from Phamenoth to Mesore; they shall therefore
SelPap_1.47 ternal Augustus and Imperator, Mesore 2, 1st indict
SelPap_1.58 drianus Caesar the lord, Mesore 1, through the record-
SelPap_2.204 ( Late 3rd cent.)   is about the month of Mesore ; for the whole cou
SelPap_2.213 August which is the 11th of Mesore, at headquart
SelPap_2.227 that is, by the 5th of Mesore, herein again displa
SelPap_2.246 ius Severus Pertinax Augustus, Mesore 2. Extract : Pek
SelPap_2.260 ianus Antoninus Augustus Pius, Mesore 6. Eudaemon so
SelPap_2.278 stes. In the month Mesore of the past 14th year of Tib
SelPap_2.288 Augustus Arabicus Adiabenicus, Mesore 20. {Signed} I,
SelPap_2.301 gustus, 4th intercalary day of Mesore. {Subscribed} If
SelPap_2.313 lord, 4th intercalary day of Mesore. {Subscribed} Re
SelPap_2.342 cus Medicus Parthicus Maximus, Mesore 17. The list
SelPap_2.362 time and Constans for the 2nd, Mesore 19. Aurelius App
SelPap_2.406 72 drachmae 18 obols ; Mesore, from the 1st to the 1
SelPap_2.427 Rufinus the most illustrious, Mesore 17. {Docketed} D
THI_260 (186)   Egyptian month (?) Mesore, [in year 19] of the k

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