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  Miletus   - a city in Ionia, western Anatolia
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  + Milesian , Milesians
322/37 receives a bribe from some Milesian envoys, to prevent him from spe
316/23 Astyanax of Miletus wins the pancration contest at the Olympic games
313/4 control of the cities of Caria, and liberates Miletus from Asander.
299/3a OGIS_213, a decree of Miletus in honour of Antiochus, son of Seleucu
298/10a Austin_51, a decree of Miletus in honour of Apama, the wife of
295/14b Demetrius is appointed "stephanephoros" of Miletus.
288/11 decree of the Ionian League in honour of Hippostratus of Miletus.
287/5 of Seleucus to the city of Miletus, about a dedication at Didyma.
282/27 Cnidus to Miletus, to enable Miletus to make a payment demanded by
280/27 Antiochus I is appointed "stephanephoros" of Miletus.
278/15 Ptolemy II makes a gift of land to Miletus.
261/4 Ptolemy II to the city of Miletus, and a decree of Miletus in resp
261/4 the city of Miletus, and a decree of Miletus in response to it.
259/15 and Timarchus the tyrant of Miletus lead a rebellion against Ptolema
258/11 Antiochus frees Miletus from the tyrant Timarchus.
241/31 OGIS_227, a letter from Seleucus II to Miletus.
227/1d THI_108, a decree of Miletus concerning its colony in Cius.
214/8a THI_121, a treaty of isopoliteia between Miletus and Mylasa.
199/5 Syll_577, a decree of Miletus concerning the foundation of a school
186/4a THI_107, a treaty of sympoliteia between Miletus and Pidasa.
184/7a 33, a treaty of isopoliteia between Miletus and Heracleia-ad-Latmum.
181/15 Syll_588, a treaty ending a war between Magnesia and Miletus.
169/22 ddresses envoys from Athens, Miletus, Clazomenae, and the Achaeans,
160/13 Burstein_40, a decree of Miletus in honour of Eirenias.
138/19 83, recording arbitration by Miletus in a dispute between Messenia
138/32 Burstein_80, a decision by Milesian arbitrators in a dispute between
130/25 ription of the duties of the priests of the goddess Roma at Miletus.
86/34a Mithridates is appointed "stephanephoros" of Miletus.
73/43 1d-f, inscriptions put up by Milesian and Smyrnaean sailors in honour
70/6 hides to kill his wives and concubines, including Monima of Miletus.
50/65 Aeschines of Miletus is sent into exile for speaking too freely in
45/72 letter from the proconsul (?) Vatia to the city of Miletus.
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_12   . . He sees the Milesian woman and desires her and send
Aelian:NA_7.42   [42] & Thales of Miletus* repaid the malice of a mule
Aelian:NA_8.3   -oar ship with a crew of Milesians, when the ship capsized
Aelian:NA_11.1   mong whom is Hecataeus, not of Miletus but of Abdera. The
Aelian:NA_13.22   And Hecataeus of Miletus says that Amphiaraus, the son
Aelian:NA_15.23   she escaped and came to Miletus and implored one Pompilus
Aelian:NA_17.34   fine that it can compare with Milesian wool for softness.
AET_8.6   has left the wool of Miletus for the fodder of the
AnthPal_7.373   & Two shining lights, Miletus, sprung from you, the Ita
AntipSid_7.81   fair Priene Bias, and Miletus Thales, best support of
AntipThes_6.256   and the lion-eyes of the Milesian giant not even Olympian
Anyte_7.492   23 } & We leave you, Miletus, dear fatherland, refusin
Apollod:Fr_28   aert_1'37 (Thales) & Thales of Miletus, an early philosoph
Apollod:Fr_29   (Anaximander) & Anaximander of Miletus. [30] & DiogLaert_9
Apollod:Fr_66   (Anaximenes) & Anaximenes of Miletus. [67] & Quiint_11.2
Apollonid_7.631   to Apollo's harbour at Miletus, give to Diogenes the mou
Apul:Flor_15   Sea, and lies over against Miletus to the west, with but
Apul:Flor_18   Thales of Miletus was easily the most remarkable
Athen_1.19   the same principle the Milesians erected one to Archelau
Athen_2.43   there is a fountain in Miletus called the Achillean, the
Athen_2.51   ome; but the red and the Milesian are the best kinds, and
Athen_5.205   made of split cedar, and of Milesian cypress. And the
Athen_6.240   ntioned by Alexis in his Milesian Woman, and in his Odysse
Athen_8.351   Teichius, a town in the Milesian territory, when he saw
Athen_10.413   But Astyanax of Miletus, having gained the victory at
Athen_10.442   Man Glued, says that the Milesians are very insolent when
Athen_11.486   the Lacedaemonians : "A Milesian-made couch and Milesian-made stool,
Athen_11.503   is Hesiod or Cercops of Miletus, says : "There one day
Athen_11.782   Stratonicus, Myrmecides of Miletus, Callicrates of Laconia,
Athen_12.519   also garments made of Milesian wool, from which there
Athen_12.523   [26.]   " But the Milesians, as long as they abstained
Athen_12.524   Abydus is a colony of Miletus ) are very luxurious in
Athen_12.540   Scyros, and sheep from Miletus, and swine from Sicily."
Athen_12.553   place beneath cloths of Milesian wool; & And put above
Athen_13.572   & In mouthfuls small, like a Milesian maiden. And Antiph
Athen_13.576   ards changed to Aspasia. And a Milesian concubine also acc
Athen_13.594   [66.] Plangōn the Milesian was also a celebrated
Athen_13.597   the mistress of Lamynthius the Milesian. For each of these
Athen_13.606   ], says- "Coeranus of Miletus, when he saw some fisherm
Athen_13.608   instance, Thargelia the Milesian, who was married to four
Athen_14.620   Aetolian, and Pyres the Milesian, and Alexas, and other
Athen_14.625   der the character of the Milesians, which the Ionians disp
Athen_14.636   says that Timotheus the Milesian appears to many men to
Athen_14.655   ubject. Clytus the Milesian, a pupil of Aristotle, in the
Athen_15.682   either a Halicarnassian or Milesian, in his History of
Athen_15.691     Milesian work; and then anoint them
Cic:Brut_325   ntemporary Aeschines the Milesian; for they had an admirab
Cic:DeOr_3.137   men, except Thales of Miletus, governed their respective cities.
Cic:Rep_1.22   been constructed by Thales of Miletus, and later marked by Eudoxus
Cic:Rep_1.25   a fact which Thales of Miletus is said to have been
CIL_1.588   lyarces, and Meniscus of Miletus, son of Irenaeus (who
Crinag_6.350   have led Demosthenes of Miletus to three victories, no
Eratosth:Fr_8   omic poets mention Astyanax of Miletus. He was the greates
Euseb]:Chron_199   won by Polymnestor of Miletus, who chased and caught
Euseb]:Chron_205   ace Antenor of Athens or Miletus, undisputed [victor in]
Euseb]:Chron_213   Aeschines Glaucias of Miletus, stadion race The four-ho
Euseb]:Chron_217   [121 A.D.] - Aristeas of Miletus, stadion race 226th [125
Euseb]:Chron_225   ans - for [..] years The Milesians - for [..] years [The
Joseph:AJ_14.244   tes, senate, and people of the Milesians, sendeth greeting
Nepos_1.3   many, but Histiaeus of Miletus opposed its execution, pointing
OGIS_213   (c. 300/299)   is resolved by the Milesians to praise [Antiochos]
OGIS_226   freedom and democracy to Miletos through king Antio
PCairZen_59142   speaks was imported from Miletos , for in another letter
PCairZen_59195   Apollonios' interest in Milesian wool, see also PCairZen_
Phylarch_26   13.606'd-e & Coeranus of Miletus is saved by a dolphin aft
Plin:HN_4.44   Histropolis, a colony from Miletus, Tomi and Callatis, formerly
Plin:HN_4.45   the Dionysopolis come the Milesian colony of Odessus, the
Plin:HN_4.87   strongest of them all, the Milesian city of Panticapaeum, at the
Plin:HN_5.112   and 24 miles from it. Miletus, the capital of Ionia, which
Plin:HN_5.113   mile and a quarter from Miletus. Next comes Mount Latmus, the
Plin:HN_5.135   the two Camelitae near Miletus, the three Trogiliae near
Plin:HN_5.142   and on which is the Milesian town of Cyzicus, formerly called
Plin:HN_5.144   founded by the people of Miletus but on a site formerly
Plin:HN_6.5   the rear by Galatia, the Milesian town of Mastya, then Cromna,
Plin:HN_6.18   are Hermonasa and next the Milesian town of Cepi, then Stratoclia
Plin:HN_6.159   of Ampelome, a colony from Miletus, the town of Athrida, the
Plin:HN_6.215   Tralles, Colophon, Ephesus, Miletus, Chios, Samos, the
Plin:HN_7.203   the Assyrians, astronomy, Anaximander of Miletus the use of a globe
Plin:HN_7.205   King Cyrus, Cadmus of Miletus history; gymnastic games were
Plin:HN_8.190   held by the sheep of Miletus. The Apulian fleeces are short
Plin:HN_36.62   it occurs also at Miletus, is black. In appearance,
Plin:HN_36.82   was devised by Thales of Miletus {c. 585 BC} the procedure
Plin:HN_37.96   the rest, and rough. Around Miletus also, the earth produces stones
Plut:Demetr_9   back with them Aristodemus the Milesian, a friend of his
Plut:Demetr_17   Aristodemus the Milesian was the person he sent to his
Plut:Demetr_46   Phila, received him at Miletus, having brought with her
Plut:Mor_180   him. & Seeing at Miletus many statues of wrestlers that
Plut:Mor_845   conversant with Eubulides, the Milesian philosopher. Being
Polyaen_1.24.1   While Histiaeus of Miletus was residing at the court of
Polyaen_1.45.1   er, who had promised his Milesian friends that he would
Polyaen_5.42.1   hen Charimenes the Milesian fled to Phaselis, and was clos
Polyaen_6.8.1   ispatched by Mausolus to Miletus, to assist a group there,
Polyaen_6.47.1   ttes had blockaded Miletus, and he expected to make himsel
Polyaen_7.16.1   three hundred Arcadians and Milesians. When he arrived,
Polyaen_7.18.2   hernes planned to attack Miletus, and seize all the desert
Polyaen_7.45.1   specting the Samians and Milesians of treachery, posted
Polyaen_8.23.1   they had reached Miletus, and landed there, he dispatche
Polyaen_8.35.1   Ionians, who inhabited Miletus, separated and establishe
Polyaen_8.36.1   Polycrete. The Milesians, assisted by the Erythraeans,
Polyaen_8.63.1   Tacitus, Ann.15.57] [63] The Milesian Women. A general
PsCallisth_1.16   ith the sophist Aristotle, the Milesian. Since many lads
PsCallisth_3.33   ere be given also to the Milesians for the restoration of
RC_46   (early 2nd cent.)   h boundaries for [the Milesians and] Prieneans [in
RC_52   (167/6) the precinct voted us by Miletos. Since it was when you
SEG_58.370   (180-170)   e to a tribunal of Milesian judges, we won by a
SelPap_1.57   holding of Demetrius the Milesian 3 /2 arurae of cato
Syll_1079.A   (c. 150-90) actor : Agathokles of Miletos, son of Agathokles
Syll_286   (350-315)   s for the Olbiopolitans and Milesians. The Milesian
Syll_314   (c. 320 +)   cration: Antenor of Miletos, the son of Xenares H
Syll_424   (256/5 or 254/3)   ors 3: Ouliades of Miletos, the son of Kallikrates
Syll_588   (190-180)   180s. } Treaty between the Milesians and the Magne
Syll_590   (c. 210-200)   il and the people {of Miletos}, as recommended by
Syll_620   (early 2nd cent.)   : since Apollonios of Miletos, the son of Hierok
Syll_633   (c. 180)   is resolved by the Milesians, in order that ever
Syll_720   (1st cent.) Boēthos of Miletos, the son of Eumechanos, but
Syll_953   (300-286)   were Hekatonymos of Miletos the son of Prytanis, Ex
THI_51   (277/6)   , which the people of Miletos caused to be made, we
THI_90   (311-306)   an drachmas Kronios of Miletos, son of Menon  
THI_98   (250-200)   d for many years; the Milesians have voted that tho
THI_107   (188-186)   h of Anthesterion, the Milesians and Pidaseans agre
THI_108   (c. 228)   blicly to the city of Miletos and privately to thos
THI_11.A   (c. 20) - the first of the Milesians to achieve
THI_113   (195-168)   ho] have settled [in Miletos], it is resolved by th
THI_119   (334-300)   son of Karous Miletos son of Karous Pytheos son of
THI_121   (215/4)   il and the people {of Miletos}, as recommended by t
THI_122   (c. 183-150) Rhyndakos honours the people of Miletos.
THI_149   (175-172)   d settlement of the Milesian judges who received th
THI_166.C     Anaximandros of Miletos, son of Praxiades.   &nbs
THI_175.B   many occasions to the Milesians concerning the matters that bes
THI_175.C   impending judgement against the Milesians, he was appointed [as
THI_175.E   Thebans and Rhodians and Milesians and Magnesians and Samians
THI_182   (229/8) a share in [citizenship at Miletos, and in the sacred rites
THI_215   (62 A.D.)   the Maeander,   Miletus,   Iasus,  
THI_52.A   (218/7) with the people [of Miletos through their] kinship [arising
THI_52.B   (218/7) the council: since the Milesians, who from their ancestors ha
THI_61.C   (early 2nd century)     Demetrios of Miletos, the son of Nikaios Poe
Timoth:Pers_202   strings, nursling he of Miletus, the town of a twelve-wal
ValMax_1.1e.5     Milesian Ceres, when Miletus was taken by Alexander,
ValMax_4.1e.7   fishermen in the territory of Miletus; but when they brought up

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