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  Mithridates   I Ctistes - king of Pontus, 302-266 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
302/23 Mithridates I escapes from Antigonus and takes refuge in a fort
272/16 alatian mercenaries hired by Mithridates and Ariobarzanes defeat
265/16 Mithridates I of Pontus greatly expands his kingdom during his long
265/17 The death of Mithridates I, at the age of 84 years.
    Within translations:
Lucian:Macr_13 eighty-two. [13] Mithridates, king of Pontus, called the
Memn_7 llies, sending envoys to Mithridates the king of Pontus
Memn_9 Ariobarzanes the son of Mithridates, rather than to accep
Plut:Demetr_4 lowing is a proof. Mithridates, the son of Ariobarzanes,
Plut:Mor_183 he had seen in a dream Mithridates mowing a golden harve

  Mithridates 2   II - king of Pontus, 250-220 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
250/12 of Ariobarzanes of Pontus, who is succeeded by his son Mithridates.
249/6 auls ravage the territory of Mithridates of Pontus, and of his ally
244/1 Antiochus II are given in marriage to Ariarathes and Mithridates.
221/17 Antiochus marries Laodice, the daughter of Mithridates of Pontus.
220/45 The Rhodians help Sinope against Mithridates.
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_251 us, of whom one was married to Mithridates and the other
Just_38.5 his great-grandfather Mithridates, as a dowry with his
Memn_16 the Gauls. His son Mithridates was still young; so the Gau

  Mithridates 3   - king of Pontus, late 3rd/early 2nd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Metradates , Mithradates
OGIS_375 (c. 150)   adelphus, son of king Metradates, [dedicates this s

  Mithridates 4   Philopator - king of Pontus until about 150 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Metradates , Mithradates
OGIS_375 (c. 150)   ladelphos clearly belong to Mithridates IV. &CIL_1

  Mithridates 5   V - king of Pontus, 150-120 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
121/24 Mithridates gains control of Paphlagonia.
120/1 Death of Mithridates V and accession of Mithridates VI.
    Within translations:
Just_37.1   against Aristonicus; to Mithridates of Pontus was allotte
OGIS_345   (95/4)   dike daughter of king Mithridates happen to be pio
Oros_5.10   kings, Nicomedes of Bithynia, Mithridates of Pontus and Armenia,

  Mithridates 6   VI Eupator - king of Pontus, 120-63 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Mithradates
131/7 The birth of Mithridates Eupator.
120/1 Death of Mithridates V and accession of Mithridates VI.
116/13 Rome removes Phrygia Major from the control of Mithridates.
115/4a Gordius, allegedly at the instigation of Mithridates of Pontus.
114/6a and forces Laodice, the sister of Mithridates, to become his wife.
113/12 Mithridates hides from the plots of his opponents for seven years bef
113/13 Mithridates murders his mother and brother.
113/14 rabo, moves from Cnossus to Pontus at the invitation of Mithridates.
112/11 Mithridates conquers Colchis.
110/6 Mithridates defeats the Scythians and gains control of the Cimmerian
107/9 of Chersonesus in honour of Diophantus, the general of Mithridates.
107/10 occupation of Paphlagonia by Mithridates and Nicomedes - regarded by
103/19 Mithridates sends an embassy to the Cimbri.
101/11 Mithridates murders Ariarathes and installs his own son as king of
101/13 turninus is prosecuted for insulting the ambassadors of Mithridates.
97/4 forced out of Cappadocia by Mithridates, and dies soon afterwards.
95/11 Parthians, and enters into negotiations with Mithridates of Pontus.
91/15 Mithridates invades Bithynia, expels Nicomedes IV, and sets up Socrat
90/18 Mithridates fights against the Sarmatae and Bastarnae.
90/20 Mithridates orders the murder of Socrates, the brother of Nicomedes.
89/27 Mithridates sends Pelopidas to complain to the Roman envoys in Asia
89/35 Mithridates expels Ariobarzanes from Cappadocia.
89/41 Mithridates and the Romans make preparations for a new war.
89/50a _47.1125, a decree of Histria in honour of a general of Mithridates.
88/1 Mithridates sends Pelopidas on a final embassy to the Romans.
88/7 The generals of Mithridates defeat Nicomedes by the river Amneius.
88/13 Sulla is appointed commander for the war against Mithridates.
88/15 show that he is fit enough to take the command against Mithridates.
88/22 Mithridates addresses his army before the invasion of Asia.
88/23 Mithridates invades Phrygia and the Roman province of Asia, while the
88/25 The inhabitants of Laodiceia hand over Q.Oppius to Mithridates.
88/26 hand over M'.Aquillius to Mithridates, who keeps him as a prisoner
88/27 ulpicius passes a law giving Marius the command against Mithridates.
88/34 The Italians ask Mithridates to help them fight against the Romans.
88/42 Mithridates orders the massacre of Roman citizens in Asia: 80,000 are
88/43 surrender Alexander, the son of the Egyptian king, to Mithridates.
88/44 The Rhodians defeats a fleet sent by Mithridates.
88/45 The Rhodians force Mithridates to abandon his attack on their island.
88/47 Mithridates decides to leave the fighting to his generals, and sends
88/56 ia, and other Greek states side with Mithridates against the Romans.
88/57 Mithridates' fleet is destroyed(?) off Thessaly.
87/1 Sulla leaves Italy to take charge of the war against Mithridates.
87/2 Omens appear to Mithridates in Asia, and other omens occur at Rome
87/5 and forces the Boeotians to abandon their support for Mithridates.
87/6 turn to Macedonia, leaving Sulla to fight against Mithridates' army.
87/9 Magnesia holds out against Mithridates.
87/28 Mithridates encourages pirates to carry out raids in the Mediterranea
87/56 Mithridates grants additional rights of asylum to the temple of Artem
87/62 rom Jupiter, promising Sulla victory in the war against Mithridates.
86/24 cathias and Taxiles, the generals of Mithridates, overrun Macedonia.
86/31 Mithridates murders the tetrarchs of Galatia and their families.
86/32 Zenobius the general of Mithridates forcibly transports the inhabitan
86/34 Ephesians capture and kill Zenobius, and declare war on Mithridates.
86/34a Mithridates is appointed "stephanephoros" of Miletus.
86/38 ointed by the senate to take command of the war against Mithridates.
86/39 Mithridates savagely punishes his opponents at Smyrna, Lesbos, Pergam
86/40 Mithridates sends another army to Greece under the command of Dorylau
85/3 Fimbria defeats Mithridates' son and forces Mithridates out of Pergam
85/3 ria defeats Mithridates' son and forces Mithridates out of Pergamon.
85/4 Mithridates escapes by sea from Pitane, after Lucullus refuses to coo
85/5 Mithridates' garrison abandons Abdera.
85/10 Lucullus defeats Neoptolemus, the admiral of Mithridates.
85/12 Mithridates takes away Mithridates of Pergamon as his companion.
85/15 General remarks on the first war against Mithridates.
85/16 Sulla and Mithridates agree peace terms at Dardanus.
85/18 Lucullus and L.Murena seize Mithridates' fleet.
85/23 Fannius and Magius escape from Fimbria's army, and join Mithridates.
85/29 attacks by pirates, during and after the war against Mithridates.
85/9a measures at Ephesus for the defence of the city against Mithridates.
84/2 maeus Alexander escapes from Mithridates and takes refuge with Sulla.
84/6 the province of Asia, and punishes the supporters of Mithridates.
83/14 Mithridates puts his son to death on suspicion of treason, and prepar
83/24 Archelaus escapes from Mithridates, and goes to join Murena.
83/25 and rejects an embassy from Mithridates: the start of the "second
82/8 refuses to take sides in the dispute between Murena and Mithridates.
82/28 Mithridates defeats Murena and forces him to retreat to Phrygia.
82/31 Mithridates offers a huge sacrifice to Zeus Stratios, to celebrate
81/2 The triumph of Sulla, over Mithridates, including a parade of the boo
81/36 The triumphs of Murena, over Mithridates, and Flaccus, from Celtiberi
81/40 senate to defend Asia against the charge of supporting Mithridates.
80/12 Mithridates sets up his son Machares as king of Bosporus.
80/19 Mithridates unsuccessfully attacks the Achaei, a tribe near Colchis.
79/2 Mithridates and Ariobarzanes send embassies to Rome: the senate order
79/2 Rome: the senate orders Mithridates to withdraw from Cappadocia.
77/20c rding the dedication of a wall at Olbia by a general of Mithridates.
75/26 ations between Sertorius and Mithridates, leading to agreement on a
74/16 Mithridates summons help from his allies, and makes strenuous prepara
74/22 Mithridates invades Bithynia: the start of the third Mithridatic war.
74/23 tants of Heracleia to send some warships to join Mithridates' fleet.
74/26 llus to be commander against Mithridates; Lucullus occupies the journ
74/27 crosses over to Asia and helps to defeat Mithridates' supporters.
73/4 Mithridates' generals defeat the Romans under Cotta near Chalcedon.
73/6 rebellion in the cities of Asia, which Mithridates is encouraging.
73/18 Mithridates advances to Cyzicus and starts to besiege it.
73/19 and occupies a strong position blocking Mithridates' only route out.
73/20 Deiotarus defeats the army of Mithridates in Phrygia.
73/36 Persephone, who sends a storm to destroy Mithridates' siege engines.
73/37 Lucullus defeats Mithridates' cavalry as they withdraw by the river
72/3 escape with difficulty to Mithridates, after being defeated by Mam
72/4 Mithridates escapes an attempt on his life during mining operations
72/6 Mithridates' army suffers terribly from starvation and plague while
72/7 Lucullus' successful strategy of cutting off Mithridates' supplies.
72/8 Mithridates secretly slips away from Cyzicus and goes to Parium.
72/9 lus destroys the remnants of Mithridates' retreating army by the rive
72/15 Mithridates unsuccessfully attacks Perinthus and Byzantium.
72/16 is put in charge of part of Mithridates' fleet, but he is defeated
72/26 Mithridates is forced to retreat by sea from Nicomedeia to Pontus,
72/27 Mithridates enters Heracleia, and leaves a garrison in the city.
72/29 Mithridates retreats to Amisus and Sinope, and appeals to his son Mac
72/60 nds out men to search for Metrophanes, one of Mithridates' generals.
71/4 Mithridates gathers together a new army at Cabeira.
71/11 Lucullus advances against Mithridates, but is defeated in a cavalry
71/14 (?) Aeniates, rebels from Mithridates and persuades some garrisons
71/19 force sent by Mithridates to attack Lucullus' supply convoy is defe
71/20 Panic in Mithridates' camp as his army attempts to escape before
71/26 Mithridates escapes to his father-in-law Tigranes, in Armenia.
71/35 Tigranes allows Mithridates to stay in Armenia, but refuses to meet
70/6 Mithridates send Bacchides to kill his wives and concubines, includin
70/8 dius as an envoy to Tigranes to demand the surrender of Mithridates.
70/14 ance with Machares, the son of Mithridates, who is king of Bosporus.
70/24 tly warns him of the consequences if Mithridates is not handed over.
70/29 captures Amaseia; the death of Diodorus the general of Mithridates.
70/31 Mithridates has Metrodorus and Amphicrates killed, after hearing that
69/11 Lucullus' army, and ignores Mithridates' advice to avoid open battle
69/16 Mithridates persuades Tigranes to keep on fighting against the Romans
69/18 as an officer in Lucullus' army during the war against Mithridates.
68/4 Tigranes and Mithridates raise another army.
68/5 Mithridates writes to Arsaces of Parthia, asking for his assistance
68/6 ses that the command against Mithridates should be taken away from
68/10 and beats off an attack by Mithridates and Tigranes near the river
68/16 Mithridates re-enters Pontus and wins support against the Romans.
68/17 Mithridates defeats M.Fabius.
68/23 Triarius defeats Mithridates at Comana.
67/12 Mithridates inflicts a severe defeat on the Roman army in Pontus, com
67/22 returns to Pontus to face Mithridates, but his troops refuse to
67/26 Mithridates and Tigranes invade Cappadocia, and expel Ariobarzanes
67/32 Mithridates invades Armenia Minor, and kills Attidius on a charge of
66/3 command of the war against Mithridates to Pompeius; Cicero speaks
66/8 new command, and starts to prepare for the war against Mithridates.
66/9 nters into negotiations with Mithridates, and makes a pact with Phraa
66/11 ite many successes failed to finish off the war against Mithridates.
66/13 Pompeius invades Armenia Minor, and forces Mithridates to retreat.
66/17 inflicts a severe defeat on Mithridates, in a battle fought at night
66/18 Tigranes refuses to offer refuge to Mithridates.
66/20 Mithridates escapes from Pompeius and sets off towards the kingdom
66/21 the city of Nicopolis on the site of his victory over Mithridates.
66/30 Drypetina, the daughter of Mithridates, to prevent her being captur
65/8 Mithridates subdues various tribes on his route round the Black Sea,
65/18 commits suicide, to escape the revenge of his father Mithridates.
64/2 Sinoria to Pompeius, who finds Mithridates' correspondence there.
64/10 Mithridates captures Panticapaeum and kills his son Xiphares.
64/26 Mithridates enters into new negotiations with Pompeius, but continues
64/27 large earthquake devastates the territory controlled by Mithridates.
64/32 Phanagoreia revolts from Mithridates, along with Chersonesus, Theudos
63/2 Mithridates plans further expeditions, including the invasion of Ital
63/17 Mithridates outdoes his rivals in eating and drinking contests.
63/18 Mithridates discovers an antidote which protects him against poisonin
63/19 Mithridates learns 22 languages in order to speak to his subjects.
63/20 of Cyzicus and Aesopus write about the achievements of Mithridates.
63/21 Mithridates is guarded at night by a bull, a horse and a deer.
63/22 Mithridates commits suicide after his son Pharnaces starts a rebellio
63/23 omments on the long reign of Mithridates, and his wars against the
63/30 Pompeius receives news of the death of Mithridates.
63/35 triumphs of L.Lucullus, over Mithridates, and M.Lucullus, over the
63/36 special honours are voted for Pompeius' victory over Mithridates.
63/66 Mithridates' body is sent to Pompeius.
61/24 Pompeius celebrates a triumph over the pirates and Mithridates.
  See also :   Mithridatic Wars

  Mithridates 7   the elder, of Cius - local ruler, died about 363 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Just_16.4   secret interview with Mithridates, the enemy of his cou
Nepos_14.4   irons and delivered him to Mithridates ** to be taken to
Nepos_14.10   victim to the craft of Mithridates, the son of Ariobarzanes; for
Nepos_14.11   [11]   When Mithridates thought that he had made

  Mithridates 8   the younger, of Cius - local ruler, killed by Antigonus in 302 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
302/21 Mithridates erects a statue of Plato at Athens.
302/22 Mithridates of Cius is put to death, at the age of 84, by Antigonus
    Within translations:
Polyaen_7.29.1 cut down as they fled. [29] & Mithridates. After Datames
Polyaen_7.29.2 nelius Nepos, Dat_10] & Mithridates was closely pursued

  Mithridates 9   I - king of Parthia, 170-139 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Arsaces
170/9 The accession of Mithridates I of Parthia.
147/9 Mithridates of Parthia conquers large areas of Media and the East,
141/7 Mithridates captures Babylon.
138/18 The death of Mithridates I of Parthia and accession of Phraates II.
    Within translations:
1Macc_14   nst Tryphon. When Arsaces the king of Persia and Media
1Macc_15   talus and Ariarathes and Arsaces, 23 and to all the countr
Athen_4.153   edia, and warred against Arsaces, and was taken prisoner
Just_41.5   died, leaving two sons, Mithridates and Phraates, of whom
Just_41.6   at the same time that Mithridates ascended the throne
Just_42.1   42.1] After the death of Mithridates, king of the Parthian
Oros_5.4   of which we are writing, Mithridates, the sixth king of the

  Mithridates 10   II - king of Parthia, 124-88 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Arsaces
123/6 battle against the Tocharii and is succeeded by Mithridates II.
101/10a statues of Dorylaus and a friend of Mithridates II at Delos.
95/10b Mithridates of Parthia attacks Artavasdes, king of Armenia.
    Within translations:
Festus:Brev.15 courage. First, Arsaces, King of the Parthians, after
Joseph:AJ_13.385 mself, whom they sent to Mithridates, who was then king
Joseph:AJ_13.386 reward. [386] Now Mithridates, the king of Parthia, had
Just_42.2 cceeded by his son Mithridates, to whom his achievements

  Mithridates 11   IV - king of Parthia, 57-55 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
55/28 Orodes defeats Mithridates, and establishes himself as king of Parthi
54/4 The Parthian exiles, Mithridates and Orsanes, escape from Syria,
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_14.103 way in a friendly manner Mithridates and Orsanes, who were
Joseph:BJ_01.178 the Nabataeans: as for Mithridates and Orsanes, who fled
Just_42.4 Euphrates. [42.4] Mithridates king of the Parthians, afte

  Mithridates 12   - a prince in Lycia, Anatolia, in the early 2nd century B.C.
197/21 in Lycia give their support to Mithridates, the son of Antiochus.

  Mithridates 13   Sinaces - Parthian governor of Mesopotamia, early 1st century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_13.384 the Arabian tribes, and Mithridates Sinaces, the ruler

  Mithridates 14   of Pergamon - son of Mithridaes VI, 1st century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
85/12 Mithridates takes away Mithridates of Pergamon as his companion.
47/9 iers to join the forces that Mithridates of Pergamon is leading to
47/13 Mithridates of Pergamon captures Pelusium.
47/43 Caesar establishes Mithridates of Pergamon as tetrarch and king of
46/50 Mithridates of Pergamon is defeated by Asander, while attempting
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_* 14.128-139 * Hyrcanus; [128] for when Mithridates of Pergamon was bring
Joseph:AJ_14.193 hen he was sent by me to Mithridates, showed himself super
Joseph:BJ_01.187 Caesar. And since Mithridates of Pergamon, with the force
Joseph:BJ_01.189 war; [189] insomuch that Mithridates ventured now, in depe

  Mithridates 15   Philopator - (?) son of Mithridates VI
80/28a cation of a statue of 'the Roman people' by Mithridates Philopator

  Mithridates 16   - Persian general who fought against Alexander
Wikipedia entry
PsCallisth_2.11 and Olympias, the sister of Mithridates . . . and they
PsCallisth_2.14 him, on the other side, Mithridates had his place and Tir

  Mithridates 17   Chrestus - brother of Mithridates VI of Pontus
Wikipedia entry
OGIS_369 (c. 115/4)   his [brother] Mithridates Chrestos were dedicated b

  Mithridates 18   I Callinicus - king of Commagene 109-70 B.C.
Wikipedia entry

  Mithridates   - in documents
THI_119 (334-300)   phesos son of Karous Mithridates son of Tyios son o

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