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  Mus   (P. Decius Mus) - Roman consul, 340 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Cic:Tusc_1.89   he had expelled; nor would Decius the father have been slain
Cic:Tusc_2.59   their honour. [59]   The Decii saw the shining swords of
Oros_3.9   3 The second consul, Decius Mus when the conflict had been
ValMax_1.7.3   the two consuls P. Decius Mus and T. Manlius Torquatus dreamed,
ValMax_5.6.5   [6.5]   P. Decius, the first who brought the

  Mus 2   (P. Decius Mus) - Roman consul, four times from 312 B.C. onwards
Wikipedia entry
  + Decius
312/_ Consuls: M. Valerius M.f. Maximus Corrinus, P. Decius P.f. Mus
312/11 Valerius (? or Decius) celebrates a triumph over the Samnites, and
308/_ Consuls: P. Decius P.f. Mus (II), Q. Fabius M.f. Maximus Rullianus
304/25 The censors Q.Fabius and P.Decius distribute the urban plebs amongst
297/_ uls: Q. Fabius M.f. Maximus Rullianus (IV), P. Decius P.F. Mus (III)
297/10 Fabius defeats the Samnites, while Decius invades Apulia.
296/4 The proconsuls Decius and Fabius capture Murgantia and other towns
296/9 Fabius and Decius are elected consuls to take charge of the war again
295/_ nsuls: Q. Fabius M.f. Maximus Rullianus (V), P. Decius P.f. Mus (IV)
295/2 the situation in Etruria, and Decius is sent to join him there.
295/16 feat the Gauls and Samnites at Sentinum; death of the consul Decius.
    Within translations:
Cic:Tusc_1.89   the Latins; nor would his son, when engaged with the Etruscans,
FastCap_p48   Maximus , P. Decius P.f. Q.n. Mus dictator: C. Sulpicius
FastCap_p50   Decius P.f. Q.n. Mus IV - devoted himself to death [294]
Oros_3.21   the fifth time) and Decius Mus (consul for the fourth time)
ValMax_2.2.9   he was censor with P. Decius, in commemoration of a sedition
ValMax_5.6.6   he had not begotten a son who was his equal in

  Mus 3   (P. Decius Mus) - Roman consul, 279 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
279/_ Consuls: P. Sulpicius P.f. Saverrio, P. Decius P.f. Mus
    Within translations:
Cic:Tusc_1.89   the Etruscans, nor his grandson with Pyrrhus, have exposed
Ennius:Ann_200   tle of Ausculum ; Decius Mus devotes himself to the di man
FastCap_p52   Saverrio , P. Decius P.f. P.n. Mus [278] & C. Fabricius

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