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  Muses   - Greek goddesses of arts and literature
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[Tib]:PanMes_190   tripped of what is left me, my Muse will not fail to tell
Aelian:Fr_11   comic poet, dreams about the Muses just before his death
Aelian:Fr_20   dance together with the Muses. [21] & {21 DF} & & Suda_A
Aelian:NA_12.6   whom, as they say, the Muses and the Graces are alien
Aelian:NA_13.4   Sea [ib. 94] , and also his Muses [i6. 98] , and Mnesim
Alcaeus_7.1   at the bidding of the Muses, vexed to death Homer the
Alcaeus_7.5   you, Chios, who with the Muses shall sing my verses to the
Alcaeus_7.55   the pure fountains of the nine Muses. [7.247] & { G-P 4
Alcaeus_7.412   as is meet. The Muses wept and Asopus stayed his stream
Alcaeus_12.64   ught you a gift from the Muses that was dear to thee, gran
AnthPal_5.135   tress of Bacchus and the Muses and Cythereia, sweetly-laug
AnthPal_5.201   shrine of Cypris, the lyre the Muses helped her then to
AnthPal_6.145   hest glory of the tragic Muse, first dedicated these altar
AnthPal_6.295   & hung up here to the Muses the implements of his penur
AnthPal_6.313   wreaths at the sports of the Muses. [314] NICODEMUS OF
AnthPal_6.321   Caesar {? Nero}, the Egyptian Muse of Leonidas offers you
AnthPal_6.322   Leonidas' flourishing Muse, this playful distich, neat
AnthPal_6.325   ccept a line of my Muse which will survive for ever, a tok
AnthPal_7.9   olds Orpheus, son of the Muse Calliope ; whom the trees
AnthPal_7.10   ashes. The very Muses of Pieria, with Apollo, the maste
AnthPal_7.17   me for the sake of the Muses, from each of whom I took
AnthPal_7.21   Attic star of the tragic Muse, whose locks the curving ivy
AnthPal_7.22   auty of diction that the Muses and Graces in common bestow
AnthPal_7.41   earest companion of the divine Muses. [43] ION & { F 1 }
AnthPal_7.44   mingled the grace of the Muses with wisdom, yet you were
AnthPal_7.71   chus, who first made the Muse bitter dipping her in vipers
AnthPal_7.355   well gifted by the Muses and a jolly after-dinner companio
AnthPal_7.370   riend of Bacchus and the Muses, rests beneath me, or at
AnthPal_7.377   ecause he vomited on the Muses those floods of bile, and
AnthPal_7.414   sser nightingales of the Muses ; but from my tragic burles
AnthPal_7.416   poken Graces with Love and the Muses. [417] Meleager &rarr
AnthPal_7.674   Archilochus, whom the Muse, out of kindness to Homer,
AnthPal_7.709   to know the Heliconian Muses who made me greater than
AnthPal_7.718   and bore one dear to the Muses and equal to her and that
AnthPal_9.39   F 7 } & Cypris to the Muses : "Honour Aphrodite, you
AnthPal_9.43   on the flowers of the Muses, shall never be the slave
AnthPal_9.184   indar, holy mouth of the Muses, and you, Bacchylides, garr
AnthPal_9.187   varied flowers of the Muses, bore off the honey to your
AnthPal_9.190   all infused with honey by the Muses. Her three hundred
AnthPal_9.213   der, both dear to the heavenly Muses. [215] Antipater_of_T
AnthPal_9.230   quaff the pleasant gift of the Muses. [231] Antipater_of_T
AnthPal_9.248-251 *   servants of the tragic Muse, Hera, the consort of Zeus,
AnthPal_9.342   oes not, I say, conform to the Muses' law. Seek not the
AnthPal_9.344   these for lines of verse, the Muse of Astronomy for the
AnthPal_9.373   dside nightingale of the Muses, who at midday chatter shri
AnthPal_9.506   F 13 } & Some say the Muses are nine, but how carelessl
AnthPal_9.571   loud from Thebes, the Muse of Simonides breathed deligh
AnthPal_11.32   cyon, the sermons of the jolly Muse. & Indeed, very sweet
AnthPal_12.99   the long labour of the Muses ; for my mind is cast in
AnthPal_12.100   nded the man wise in the Muses' lore" ? [101] Meleager &ra
AnthPal_13.28   the sake of the violet-crowned Muses. * & The epigram is
Antiphil_9.192   orship you and the Muses ; for after your song the world
AntipSid_7.2   y-voiced, who sang even as the Muses. For in no other isla
AntipSid_7.6   Greeks, the light of the Muses, the mouth that grows not
AntipSid_7.14   who with the immortal Muses is celebrated as the mortal
AntipSid_7.27   offering to these three, the Muses, Bacchus, and Love.
AntipSid_7.34   swarm of bees from the Muses fashioned it in the bridal
AntipSid_7.409   aten on the anvil of the Muses, if you are gifted with a
AntipSid_9.66   ndering if men possess a tenth Muse. [9.151] & { G-P 59
AntipThes_7.18   lyre, possessed by the nine Muses. Here rests he, a cau
AntipThes_7.75   mmeasurable voice of the Muse, was buried in Catana's fier
AntipThes_9.26   eaven gave birth to nine Muses, and Earth to these nine,
AntipThes_9.428   can deny an ear to the Muses ? * & Piso conducted operat
AntipThes_16.220   } & On Statues of the Muses Three are we, the Muses who
Apollonid_9.280   the erudite book of the Muses, he saw over his head a tok
Apollonid_10.19   joyful verses; for indeed the Muse is not inferior to wea
Apul:Flor_3   beast against a god. The Muses and Minerva, hiding their amusement,
Apul:Flor_20   of a draught from the Muses' fountain the reverse is true.
Archias_9.64   [9.64] & { - } & The Muses themselves saw you, Hesiod,
Asclepiad_6.308   and in gratitude to the Muses he hung me up here, the com
Asclepiad_9.63   the joint work of the Muses and Antimachus ? * & The
Asclepiad_9.64   CLEPIADES or ARCHIAS The Muses themselves saw you, Hesiod,
Athen_2.44   a dry skeleton of the Muses, a nightmare to nightingale
Athen_4.163   the Graces, nor even to the Muses. And therefore Virtue
Athen_4.176   played for Glauce & The Muses' sports amid their wine-gla
Athen_6.242   at times a plant to all the Muses dear. And surely this
Athen_8.348   nine statues of the nine Muses, and one of Apollo, and had
Athen_8.350   had received from the Muses all the Greeks as his wages
Athen_12.547   to oversee the rites of the Muses. All which duties app
Athen_13.555   subject, will invoke the Muse Erato to impress anew on our
Athen_13.571   those men & Who of the Muses learnt but ill-shaped lette
Athen_13.598-601 *   Bacchus reared, and the Muses taught to be the most faith
Athen_14.617   the music of the Doric Muse, & Embracing with his well-
Athen_14.627   & Skilled also in the Muses' lovely art. And in
Athen_14.629   ise on the Temple of the Muses on Mount Helicon, says that
Athen_14.633   y-winged melodies of the Muse. For owing to the gener
Athen_14.635   lene, so that one of the Muses was represented by an old
Athen_15.669     Commands the Muses' crew to man the benches.
Athen_15.696     Shall never die, the Muses holy train
Athen_15.698     Muse, sing me now the praises
Callim:Epigr_23   on whom as children the Muses look with no sidelong glanc
Callim:Epigr_47   yclops was no fool ! The Muses, O Philippus, reduce the
Callim:Epigr_49   of Miccus, offered me to the Muses, praying for ease of
Cic:Acad_1.2   done anything new. For Varro's Muses have kept silent for a
Cic:Brut_187   on, to please me and the Muses;- I shall say to my friend
Cic:Tusc_5.66   degree acquainted with the Muses, that is, with liberal
CIL_add.7   (early 1st cent.)   the Romans with the Greek Muses. They had a small
Crinag_9.234   the gifts of the Muses, and leave these dim phantoms of
Crinag_9.513   that Menander, with one of the Muses or one of the Graces,
Crinag_9.545   he let out every reef of his Muse. He sings the hut of
DiogLaert_7.30   led by the least worthy of the Muses. [31] And we also hav
DiogLaert_10.12   ear, instructed by the Muses, & Or at the sacred shrine
DioscEpigr_7.31   Anacreon, delight of the Muses, lord of all revels of the
DioscEpigr_7.37   oly servant, received from the Muses as a holy trust to
DioscEpigr_7.407   you together with the Muses ; for your breath is like
DioscEpigr_7.707   the virile rhythm on the Doric Muse, and drawn to magniloq
ElegMaec_1.17   oil. Honouring the Muses and Apollo in luxurious gardens,
Ennius:Ann_1   first line ; invocation of the Muses VARRO : In Ennius the
Ennius:Ann_232   mounted the rough rocks of the Muses . . . nor was anyone
Euseb]:Chron_263   lion's nine books of the Muses from the forty books of Dio
Isyll_F   said to have given the Muse Erato to Malus as his bride
Julian:Caes_308   doubt instructed by the Muses themselves, every god has
Julian:Caes_309   and introduce Homer's Muse." [310] "Take care", said
Julian:Mis_337   in my power to win from the Muses. Indeed I have observ
Julian:Mis_338   soul - "I sing for the Muses and myself." However the
Julian:Mis_351   ure you, by Zeus and the Muses, that while I was still a
LeonTar_5.206   illing work-women of the Muses, dedicate to the Pimpleian
LeonTar_6.120   For as much as the Muses love me, I love Athena ; she, the
LeonTar_7.13   gathering the flowers of the Muses, Hades carried her
LeonTar_7.19   made music worthy of the Muses, lieth in this tomb, a grea
LeonTar_7.35   servant of the sweet-voiced Muses. [7.67] & { G-P 59
LeonTar_7.449   ves, Artemis in the chase, the Muse in the dance and Ares
LeonTar_7.715   rs, ill to live; but the Muses loved me and instead of sou
LeonTar_9.24   mer, holding on high the Muses' brightest torch, makes fai
Lucill_9.572   song from the Heliconian Muses" ; so Hesiod wrote, & they
MArgent_10.18   delight thee, and the sweet Muses too with their letter
Meleager_4.1   cs. To whom, dear Muse, do you bring these varied fruits
Meleager_5.139   ows desire at me, or the Muse, or the Grace or - what shal
Meleager_5.140   30 } & The melodious Muses, giving skill to your touch
Meleager_5.215   you, Love, reverence the Muse who intercedes for me and
Meleager_7.13   gathering the flowers of the Muses, Hades carried her
Meleager_7.195   locust, shrill-winged Muse of the corn fields, Nature's
Meleager_7.352   of his verse. O Muses, who show favour to an impious
Meleager_7.417-421 *   first by the help of the Muses ran abreast of the Graces
Mnasalcas_9.324   dwelling place of the rustic Muse. * & Aphrodite. [9.333
Naev:Pun_1   poem; invocation of the Muses : CAESIUS BASSUS : As is
OGIS_310   (c. 200-150)   sacred to the Heliconian Muses, for all time. &r
OGIS_311   (c. 200-150)   ] to be sacred to the Muses and the college of Phil
Philip_6.62   eyes, dedicates to the Muses his circular lead & which
Philip_9.88   ever served as oarsmen to the Muses without payment. The
Philoch_224   ated these Graces to the Muses, goddesses {to goddesses},
Philodamus_50   Paean - and the Muses forthwith, the maidens, crowned
Phld:Epigr_5.107   the heavy wrath of the Muses." So I ever cried to you
Phld:Epigr_9.570   skin, with a face like a Muse's, sweet-voiced, fair darlin
Phld:Epigr_11.41   is alive. But O Muses, my mistresses, bring it to a clo
Phld:Epigr_11.44   friend, beloved by the Muses, who keeps our annual feast
Plinius:Ep_1.9   rue secret haunts of the Muses, and how many inspirations
Plinius:Ep_2.13   good as to make you think the Muses speak Latin. I have
Plinius:Ep_3.21   He addresses the Muse and bids her seek my house on the
Plinius:Ep_9.25   some more products of the same Muses to your kindly lap.
Plut:Phoc_7   war], and laurels of the Muses ; and he knew that the godd
Polyaen_1.20.1   inspired by Ares and the Muses, they advanced to battle,
PsCallisth_1.42   standing near him the Pierian Muses and the wild beasts.
PSI_528   val of Hermes and of the Muses, for everyone else has alre
RC_34   (208/7) in the service of the Muses, I recognise the games as
SEG_23.271   (c. 210)   s athlothete for the Muses : Euxes son of Ariston t
SEG_30.1073   (c. 188) increase the honours to [the] Muses for the benefit of the
SEG_48.1330   (c. 128-100)   g in the realm of the Muses, she who gave birth to
SEG_54.1569   (late 2nd cent.)   her [Apollo] and the Muses, mixed with noble prude
SelPap_3.105   with spear and among the Muses !
SelPap_3.114   Muses of our city, if you
Simonid_7.25   aid, the singer whom the Muses made deathless, who set to
Simonid_13.30   shifting the words) Sing me, Muse, the son of fair-ankle
Syll_1028.B   (c. 158-145) 19 Procession of the Muses
Syll_457   (c. 250)   ion was priest of the Muses, and Aischylos represe
Syll_466   (251/0)   [A] Muses. In the year of K
Syll_699   (c. 128) is the leader of the Muses and the founder of poetry,
Syll_959.A   (2nd cent.) and [they sacrificed] to the Muses and to Herakles from the
Theodorid_13.21   of elegies. His Muse was a fragment torn from Simonides
THI_128   (210-205)   at is dedicated [(?) to the Muses]. [It was resolve
Timoth:Pers_202   exalter of a new-made Muse of the lute of gold, come
ValMax_1.6e.3   verdant Heliconian hills of the Muses, flourishing with all sorts of
ValMax_3.7e.2   "Sing to me and the Muses. " For perfect art, even
Vit:Arat_2   gan with a hymn to Zeus: Muses of Pieria, who give praise

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