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  Mylasa   - a city in Caria, Anatolia
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  + Mylasan , Mylasans , Mylasians , Mylassa
234/4a Inscr_33, a letter from Olympichus to the city of Mylasa.
220/45a Philippus to Olympichus and Mylasa, about the sanctuary at Labraunda
220/45b Inscr_31.C & Austin_179c, two letters from Olympichus to Mylasa.
220/45c SEG_58.1220, a decree of Mylasa in honour of Olympichos.
220/46a Olympichus to the city of Mylasa, about the sanctuary at Labraunda
214/8a THI_121, a treaty of isopoliteia between Miletus and Mylasa.
192/6a _603, a decree of the Amphictyons in honour of Pixodarus of Mylasa.
131/13 punishes a magistrate from Mylassa who did not completely obey his
31/7 erk_91 (Syll_768), a letter from Octavianus to the city of Mylasa.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_12.30   * distant from the city of Mylasa. A sword is attached
Athen_8.348   when he had travelled to Mylasa, and saw there a great num
OGIS_235   (c. 203)   ]   Idrieus [of Mylasa], the son of Hekatomnos
Plin:HN_5.108   its interior, for here are Mylasa, a free town, and Antiochia
Plut:Phoc_18   ties in Asia, Cios, Gergithus, Mylassa, or Elaea. At the
SEG_58.1220   (c. 220)   ] how the people [of Mylasa honours] its benefactor
Sosyl_1   misium by Heracleides of Mylasa, who was one of the clever
Syll_588   (190-180)   of Olympichos , & Mylasians: & Teians: & Kyzike
Syll_679   (190-140)   to the [laws] of the Mylasans [and] they may establ
Syll_768   (31) uncil and people of the Mylasans, greetings. If you fare wel
THI_9   (c. 30)   ow the city of Mylasa to collect tribute from them
THI_32   (267)   proposed by (?) Syskes of Mylasa, the son of . . .
THI_35   (c. 240-235)   to preserve for the Mylasans their freedom and auto
THI_121   (215/4)   ed by Bion: since the Mylasans, who are friends and
THI_175.B   in Troas and Ephesos and Mylasa, 30 and to the Erythraians
THI_61.D   (173-169)   sp; Pollis of Chrysaorian Mylasa, the son of Arist.
ValMax_9.14e.2   [14e.2]   Hybreas of Mylasa, an orator of ardent and

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