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  Mysia   - a region in north-west Asia Minor
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  + Moesians , Mysian , Mysians
218/25 Attalus subdues Aeolis and Mysia.
73/44 an inscription put up by the Mysians in honour of C.Salluvius Naso.
    Within translations:
Athen_5.194 fter them, five thousand Mysians followed; and then three
Athen_6.256 and that he, taking some Mysians to himself, inhabited a
Athen_13.598 oft he gazed upon Lectum, the Mysian headland across the
CIL_1.743 it. CIL_1 .743 (d) Mysians. Marble pillar
Galen_1.657 Temperamentis } & For in Mysia, which is in Asia, a buildi
Joseph:BJ_1.425 olitans, and Pergamon in Mysia, full of donations that Her
Julian:Mis_348 Paeonians, I mean the Mysians on the very banks of the
Poseidon_104 story and customs of the Mysians (or Moesians) who live
SEG_57.1157 (165/4)   ended] to move the Mysians who dwell in that place
Timoth:Pers_86 tree-tressed dells of Mysia, save me out of this place

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