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  Nabis   - tyrant of Sparta, killed in 192 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
204/21 The tyrannical behaviour of Nabis at Sparta.
201/8 Nabis attacks Messene.
200/10 Philopoemen leads an expedition against Nabis.
197/1a Philippus allows Nabis to take possession of Argos.
197/25a Syll_584, a decree of Delos in honour of Nabis of Lacedaemon.
195/3 conference of Roman allies at Corinth decides on war against Nabis.
195/11 Nabis is forced to come to terms with the Romans.
195/13 Protimus of Gortyn, after the return of hostages seized by Nabis.
195/20 ter office, and the peace terms with Nabis are agreed by the senate.
194/18 nus celebrates a triumph for his victories over Philippus and Nabis.
192/1 Achaean embassy accuses Nabis of violating the peace terms.
192/2 Philopoemen invades Laconia and defeats Nabis.
192/4 Megalopolis serves under Philopoemen in the fighting against Nabis.
192/11 The cruelty of Nabis at Sparta forces many of his opponents into exil
192/12 Nabis is assassinated by a detachment of Aetolians.
192/12a 05, a dedication by Eumenes II of spoils from the war against Nabis.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_5.15   oppressor of Cassandrea, Nabis the scourge of Sparta, if
Just_30.4   prevailed on the tyrant Nabis to join him in prosecuting
Just_31.1   same time, the tyrant Nabis had taken possession of sev
Just_31.3   several cities, defeated Nabis the tyrant in two successiv
Oros_4.20   After defeating their leader Nabis,he led before his chariot

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