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  Narcissus   - a boy who was infatuated with his own image
Wikipedia entry
Athen_15.682     That boasts Narcissus' name. Such robes, perfumed
Lucill_11.76   ent water, for you, like Narcissus, seeing your face clear

  Narcissus 2   (Ti. Claudius Narcissus) - a freedman and adviser of the emperor Claudius
Wikipedia entry
Julian:Caes_310   banquet without his freedmen Narcissus and Pallas. Come"
Plin:HN_33.134   namely Callistus, Pallas and Narcissus. [135] And to omit

  Narcissus   - in documents
SelPap_1.57 being Clara daughter of Narcissus, all parties bein
SelPap_2.280 rom the former estate of Narcissus an oil-factory at a

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