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  Nicomedes   I - king of Bithynia, 279-255 B.C.
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279/22 eath of Zipoetes of Bithynia, who is succeeded by his son Nicomedes.
279/27 Nicomedes of Bithynia forms an alliance with Heracleia to resist atta
279/29 Warfare (? between Antiochus and Nicomedes) near Cyzicus.
278/17 The navies of Antiochus and Nicomedes, who is aided by Heracleia, con
278/21 Nicomedes helps the Gauls to cross over from Thrace to Asia.
278/24 Nicomedes uses the Gauls as allies in a civil war against Zipoetes.
255/6 dish of artificial fish for Nicomedes, because fresh fish is not ava
255/7 Nicomedes' dog bites his wife Consingis.
255/8 The death of Nicomedes king of Bithynia, leaving his sons by Etazeta
254/8 Ziaelas, the eldest son of Nicomedes, invades Bithynia and establishe
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_29 ca. [29] [TZETZES] Nicomedes the founder of Nicomedeia,
Athen_1.7 hovies which the cook of Nicomedes, king of the Bithynians
ChronPasc_428 Rome. [Ol. 128.3] Nicomedes the king of Bithynia refounde
Hieron:Chron_1755 755] [1752 in Ar.] Nicomedes the king of Bithynia enlarged
Just_17.2 in every way flattered Nicomedes, that as he was about
Malal_198 Seleucus appointed Nicomedes and Nicanor to govern the who
Malal_210 urged Antiochus son of Nicomedes, the king of Asia, to
Memn_9 thynians, and their king Nicomedes sent envoys to Heraclei
RC_25 (c. 240)   s, just as our father Nikomedes was well disposed t

  Nicomedes 2   II - king of Bithynia, 149-127 B.C.
149/3 Prusias plots against Nicomedes.
132/14 tonicus' revolt, but he is kept in check with the help of Nicomedes.
127/3 cock falls in love with Secundus, a servant of Nicomedes II.
127/4 Nicomedes offers to buy the famous statue of Aphrodite at Cnidus.
    Within translations:
Athen_13.606 Secundus was a slave of Nicomedes the king of Bithynia;
Just_34.4 solution to kill his son Nicomedes, with a desire to benef

  Nicomedes 3   III Euergetes - king of Bithynia, 127-94 B.C.
127/5 The accession of Nicomedes III of Bithynia.
114/6a Nicomedes invades Cappadocia, and forces Laodice, the sister of Mithr
107/10 phlagonia by Mithridates and Nicomedes - regarded by some as the star
94/8a a decree of Delphi in honour of king Nicomedes and queen Laodice.
94/9 Nicomedes III sends his concubine Hagne and her son Socrates to Cyzic
94/10 The death of Nicomedes III of Bithynia; he is succeeded by his son
    Within translations:
Diod_36.3 Marius sent envoys to Nicomedes king of Bithynia, reque
GranLic_29 evious adventures. Nicomedes, who was rightly called Euerg
Just_37.4 into an alliance with Nicomedes, he invaded Paphlagonia
Just_38.1 ditating On this scheme, Nicomedes, king of Bithynia, proc
Just_38.3 of Mithridates. Nicomedes, too, dying at the same time,
Memn_22 Nicomedes, the son of Nicomedes and Nysa, to be king

  Nicomedes 4   IV Philopator - king of Bithynia, 94-74 B.C.
  + Philopator
94/10 Nicomedes III of Bithynia; he is succeeded by his son Nicomedes IV.
91/15 tes invades Bithynia, expels Nicomedes IV, and sets up Socrates as
91/37 Hortensius makes a speech calling for the restoration of Nicomedes.
90/19 led by M'.Aquillius restores Nicomedes to the throne of Bithynia, and
90/20 Mithridates orders the murder of Socrates, the brother of Nicomedes.
89/15 Nicomedes invades Pontus, with the support of the Roman envoys.
89/27 complain to the Roman envoys in Asia about Nicomedes' aggression.
88/7 The generals of Mithridates defeat Nicomedes by the river Amneius.
84/5 Curio restores Nicomedes and Ariobarzanes to their kingdoms.
81/44 Caesar visits the court of Nicomedes, and is accused of having an ind
74/6 cock falls in love with a wine-bearer serving Nicomedes.
74/7 Nicomedes of Bithynia dies, leaving his kingdom to the Romans.
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_14 the death of the last Nicomedes, who at his death left
Festus:Brev.11 ough the will of the late King Nicomedes. Gallograecia
FGrH_252.A terms with Sulla; and Philopator returned to Bithynia
GranLic_28 &# Curio restored Nicomedes to the throne of Bithynia,
Just_38.3 son, who was also named Nicomedes, was driven from his
Malal_221 ynia, after the death of Nicomedes, the local ruler who
Memn_22 man senate had appointed Nicomedes, the son of Nicomedes
Polyaen_08.23.1 On his voyage to Nicomedes, Caesar was captured by some
Sall:Hist_4.67 finally, on the death of Nicomedes, they seized upon all

  Nicomedes 5   - a Greek historian
Athen_5.217 ding to the statement of Nicomedes of Acanthus; and he rei
Athen_14.637 in their banquets, as Nicomedes tells us in his essay

  Nicomedes 6   of Cos - an associate of Antigonus, late 4th century B.C.
307/17c and other states in honour of Nicomedes, an associate of Antigonus.

  Nicomedes   - in documents
Syll_322 Hekatomnōs son of Nikomedes Menestratos son of
THI_43 (202/1)   [A]   [When] Nikomedes was monarchos, on the
THI_61.D (173-169)   Pythian boys:   Nikomedes son of Anaxibios sec

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