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  Nola   - a city in Campania, Italy
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
313/23 The Romans capture Nola.
216/40 Hannibal unsuccessfully attacks Nola.
215/36 Marcellus repels an attack by Hannibal on Nola.
214/9 vastates Campania and attacks Nola, but fails to capture any cities.
173/7 Q.Fabius Labeo judges a dispute between Neapolis and Nola.
90/12 nites under C.Papius capture Nola, along with Stabiae, Surrentum, Sal
89/18 Sulla defeats the Samnites under Cluentius near Nola.
88/20 Sulla leaves Rome to join the Roman army at Nola.
80/9 The Romans capture Nola, after which Mutilus is abandoned by his wife
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_12   victory of Marcellus at Nola, which was succeeded by many
Diod_37.2   icentines, the people of Nola, and other cities and nation
GranLic_20   The inhabitants of Nola advanced against the town of Abell
GranLic_32   year] the Samnites at Nola had done the same, out of
Plin:HN_3.63   Teanum surnamed Sidicinum, and Nola; and the towns of
ValMax_1.6.4   praetorium in the territory of Nola, on a sudden beheld a
ValMax_1.6.9   Hannibal from the walls of Nola, resolved either to overthrow the
ValMax_7.3.4   to settle the boundaries between Nola and the Neapolis. When they
ValMax_7.3.7   had in his camp a Nolan infantryman of great courage, yet

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