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  Numidia   - a country in North Africa, to the west and south of Carthage
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  + Numidian , Numidians
309/16 in the interior of Africa, but his camp is looted by the Numidians.
254/11 Hamilcar punishes the Numidians for their support of Regulus.
240/40 rcenaries again, after the defection of the Numidian leader Naravas.
237/5 Hamilcar campaigns against the Numidians.
210/22 send an embassy to Syphax in Numidia, and to Ptolemy in Egypt.
207/20 The Numidian king Gala seizes Carthaginian territory.
202/15 force of Numidians led by Vermina is completely defeated by the Rom
148/9 ssa; Scipio divides the kingdom of Numidia between Masinissa's sons.
125/14 plague of locusts causes devastation in Africa and Numidia.
116/9 Roman commision led by Opimius partitions Numidia between the kings.
112/5 The Romans send another embassy to Numidia, headed by M.Scaurus.
111/1a Bestia rejects an embassy from Jugurtha and crosses over to Numidia.
107/1 people assign the command in Numidia to Marius, who begins his prepar
107/4 Marius arrives in Numidia, and captures Capsa.
91/11 Drusus maltreats visitors from Mauretania and Numidia.
88/60 Marius moves to Numidia, and begins to gather together his friends
81/11 Pompeius invades Numidia and established Hiempsal as king.
49/54 Juba, king of Numidia, defeats and kills Curio near Utica.
46/36 Caesar establishes Numidia as a Roman province, and appoints Sallusti
Appian,- APPIAN, Numidica
    Within translations:
Athen_5.221   Beasts, saying "The Numidians in Libya (where it is
Athen_11.462   says that some of the Numidians, in Libya, own nothing else
Athen_14.618   Libyan, of one of the Numidian tribes ; and he was the
CIL_6.41024   war against Jugurtha, king of Numidia. He captured Ju
Crinag_9.235   atra) with Juba, King of Numidia Great bordering regions
Diod_34.31   and Jugurtha routed the Numidians in a battle, slaying
Diod_34.32   ugurtha, the king of the Numidians, marvelled at the coura
Diod_34.35   son of Masinissa king of Numidia, had many children; but
Diod_34.35a   a rival claim to be king of Numidia. Since he was gaini
Diod_37.29   of Africa and reached Numidia, without any resources,
Ennius:Ann_204   in the sixth book - The Numidians went scouting ; their
Ennius:Ann_282   & Attack of the Numidians ; Romans are mutilated : PAUL
Ennius:Ann_283   asdrubal sends the Numidians in pursuit of the Romans :
Exsuper_1   .Metellus led an army to Numidia against Jugurtha, he had
Exsuper_3   ifice to the gods in the Numidian town which is called Uti
Exsuper_7   ovince, and Marius was sent to Numidia. [8] Marius accepte
FastTr_p107   idicus, [proconsul, & over the Numidians and] king Jugurth
Festus:Brev_4   under proconsuls. Numidia used to be held by friendly kin
Just_22.8   they were met by some Numidians, and returned to the
Just_33.1   from Masinissa, king of Numidia, and all the rest of thei
Just_38.6   of Masinissa, king of Numidia; to him it was ascribed
Nepos_23.6   course of that retreat the Numidians who had left the field
Oros_1.2.90   border to the east on Numidia, to the north on Mare
Oros_4.9   sent with an army into Numidia and Mauretania, treated all the
Oros_4.18   and also those of the Numidians, both of which were not
Oros_4.20   of the activity of the Numidian cavalry. 18 Scipio Africanus with
Oros_4.20.30   of Asia, and Masinissa of Numidia. Perseus and the Macedonians had
Oros_4.22   and Scipio divided the Numidian kingdom among Masinissa's three
Oros_5.11   I refer to it. In Numidia, where King Micipsa was ruling
Oros_5.15   Jugurtha, the king of the Numidians.
Oros_5.21   pursued Hiarbas, the king of Numidia, and forced Bogudes, the son
Plin:HN_5.22   nothing remarkable beside the Numidian marble and wild beasts.
Plin:HN_5.25   this point the length of Numidia and Africa is 580 miles
Plin:HN_6.212   Utica, the two Hippos, Numidia, the two Mauretanias, the
Plin:HN_6.213   Sicily, Northern Africa and Northern Numidia. At the equinox a 35
Plin:HN_8.131   in the Circus a hundred Numidian bears and the same number
Plin:HN_35.3   marble surface, so that Numidian stone might show oval
Plin:HN_36.49   to lay down door-sills of Numidian marble in his house; and
Plin:HN_37.40   is produced from mud in Numidia. But all these authors are
Polyaen_6.38.1   Hannibal. The Numidians brought to Hannibal the body
PsCallisth_3.22   the columns were Numidian, the capitals of which were
Sall:Hist_2.9   others that they were Numidians, and some think that
Schol:Bob_92   death of Micipsa king of Numidia, his kingdom was divided
SelPap_2.396   of the loyal Justinian Numidians, five hundred and e
ValMax_2.2.3   illustrious with German and Numidian trophies, be softened and
ValMax_2.6.17   was the custom of the Numidian kings to be blamed, who
ValMax_3.2.11   grasping around the neck a Numidian that came to strip him,
ValMax_3.8e.1   Marcellus, with five hundred Numidians who were in garrison
ValMax_5.1.1   a most prosperous king of Numidia, but now their prisoner, died
ValMax_5.2e.4   a large part of the Numidian army, to take as reinforcements
ValMax_7.2.6   the barbarity of the Numidians, Mauritanians and other adjoining
ValMax_8.13e.1   ninety years. Masinissa king of Numidia, lived for even longer; he
ValMax_9.1.5   much had he forgot the Numidian camp of his father. This
ValMax_9.8.1   the faithless breast of one Numidian! So that for a brief

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