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  Nymphs   - female deities associated with rivers, groves, and other places
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Athen_02.38 easons; for they are the Nymphs who cherish the fruit of
Athen_11.465 fountains were called Nymphs and the Nurses of Dionysus
Athen_12.519 away to the caves of the Nymphs of the river Lusias, and
Athen_13.564 thus:- & O Galateia, & Nymph with the beauteous face and
Athen_15.693 ed; on which account the Nymphs had the name given them
Athen_15.694 king; & Praise to the Nymphs' loved comrade sing! & Com
CIL_1.1624 Rantius, son of Lucius, to the Nymphs. → further
Timoth:Pers_86 ern of Heaven, father of Nymphs and heavy to the arm, and

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