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  Nysa   - a city in Caria, Anatolia
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  + Nysaeans
90/44 Aristodemus of Nysa is one of the teachers of Cn.Pompeius Magnus.
88/65 Syll_741, a decree of Nysa in honour of Chaeremon, a supporter of the
55/52 Aristodemus of Nysa gives lessons on grammar to the sons of Pompeius.
50/29a Jason of Nysa succeeds Poseidonius as head of the school at Rhodes.
    Within translations:
AntipSid_7.498 { G-P 55 } & Damis of Nysa once navigating a small vess
RC_43 (c. 197)   [. . . to the Nysaeans] so that they can indicate
RC_64 (2nd cent.)   council and the people [of Nysa], greetings. Artem

  Nysa 2   - the birthplace of the god Dionysus, sometimes personified as his nurse
Wikipedia entry
Athen_5.198   in it was a statue of Nysa, of eight cubits high, in
Just_12.7   riving at the city Nysa, he ordered the inhabitants, who,
Nicand:Al_30   madly about the hill of Nysa, even so is the sight of the
Oros_3.19   troops against the city of Nysa and then extended his sway

  Nysa 3   - a concubine of Seleucus II of Syria
Athen_13.578 ose names were Mysta and Nysa." But Heracleides Lembus,

  Nysa 4   - wife of Ariarathes V of Cappadocia
Wikipedia entry
129/21 Laodice (? Nysa) murders the sons of Ariarathes.

  Nysa 5   - wife of Nicomedes III of Bithynia
Wikipedia entry
GranLic_30 red, and then he married Nysa, the daughter of Ariarathes
Memn_22 the son of Nicomedes and Nysa, to be king of Bithynia, Mit
Sall:Hist_4.67 all Bithynia, although Nysa, whom Nicomedes had called

  Nysa 6   - wife of Pharnaces I of Pontus
Wikipedia entry
195/16a _771, an Athenian decree in honour of Pharnaces I and his wife Nysa.
    Within translations:
OGIS_771 (196/5)   announced that queen Nysa, daughter of king Antioch

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