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  Olympia   - a town in Elis, Greece; the site of the Olympic games
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  + Olympian
270/18c of Ptolemy and Arsinoē, dedicated by Callicrates at Olympia.
265/19b Syll_433, a statue of Areus, dedicated by Ptolemy at Olympia.
169/35a Syll_649, a statue of Philippus at Olympia.
167/15a Syll_650, the inscription from a statue of Cn.Octavius at Olympia.
143/15 Syll_686, the base of a statue of Polybius at Olympia.
86/13 ulla despoils the temples at Olympia, Epidaurus, and Delphi, and stea
52/75 The statue of Zeus at Olympia is struck by lightning.
    Within translations:
Athen_04.154 alogue of the Victors at Olympia, that the Etruscans used
Athen_06.237 ewards as those & Who at Olympia bear the palm of victory
Athen_10.412 wine. And once at Olympia he took a four year old bull
Athen_11.462 altar near the temple of Olympia, outside the walls, from
Athen_12.522 of the famous games at Olympia; for watching the time
Athen_13.561 the Eleans celebrate the Olympian festivals, and the Rhodi
Athen_13.573 orinthian, when going to Olympia to the games, vowed that
Athen_13.578 uch athletes, victors at Olympia." & [579] They say again
Athen_13.591 aemonian courtesan named Olympia; [592] as Nicias the Nica
Athen_14.620 Dicaearchus in his History of Olympia. And Jason, in the
Diod_38.7 famous temple of Zeus at Olympia; from the last of these
Hieron:Chron_1965 in Ar.] The statue of Zeus at Olympia was struck by light
THI_124 (c. 216)   her shall be set up at Olympia; money for the expen
Joseph:BJ_1.414 not less than that of Zeus at Olympia, which it was made
Philoch_121 statue of Zeus, which is at Olympia. After completing
Phylarch_3 front of the altar of Zeus at Olympia. Book 4 [4] & Athen
Plut:Agis_11 by an oracle from Delphi or Olympia. Lysander, affirmi
Plut:Demetr_11 sacrifices to Delphi and Olympia, in the name of the Greek
Plut:Mor_191 the Oracle of Zeus in Olympia, which was to his satisfa
Syll_303 (333-323)   of Asia, dedicated this to Olympian Zeus. → in
Syll_402 (246/5)   e time as the theoroi [to Olympia] are appointed.
Syll_421 (272-260)   ans, and by both jointly at Olympia and Delphi and
Syll_524 (early 3rd cent.)   ages to Delphi and Olympia, the men of Seteia s

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