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  Olympic   Games - pan-Hellenic games, held at Olympia every 4 years
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324/21 Demosthenes attends the Olympic games as an envoy of the Athenians.
324/22 inting of the marriage of Alexander and Roxane at the Olympic games.
320/16 Satyrus of Elis wins two Olympic victories for boxing.
316/23 pancration contest at the Olympic games and all the other major
312/2 enarces of Stratus wins the pancration contest at the Olympic Games.
308/10 wins the pancration at the Olympic games, and at all the other game
296/3 The Olympic victors include two men who have won prizes at all the
264/4 bine of Ptolemy, wins the Olympic prize in the race for pairs
260/4 Philinus of Cos wins a total of five Olympic victories for running.
260/5 Cratinus of Aegeira wins the Olympic prize for boys' wrestling.
256/9 polemus of Lycia wins the first one-horse race at the Olympic Games.
220/12 sidamus of Messene wins the pancration contest at the Olympic Games.
216/18 tomachus of Thebes wins the pancration contest at the Olympic Games.
212/7 Elis is the first man to win Olympic victories in both the wrestling
200/6 contest for boys is held at the Olympic Games for the first time.
192/8 the wrestling contest at the Olympic Games, after taking hold of his
156/3 Aristomenes of Rhodes is Olympic victor in both the wrestling and the
92/1a the prizes for wrestling and the pancration at the Olympic Games.
80/_ Olympic victor in the boys' stadion race: Epaenetus of Argos
80/13 The main events at the Olympic Games are cancelled, because the athle
72/20 list of winners at the Olympic games, including Hecatomnos in three
68/8 both the wrestling and the pancration contests at the Olympic games.
64/18 wins the wrestling contest at the Olympic games, for a second time.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_5.17   isa at the season of the Olympic festival make peace, so
Aelian:NA_6.1   man and who loved the Olympic and Pythian games and who
Aelian:NA_7.8   jerkin, was watching the Olympic Games and a storm of rain
Aelian:NA_12.40   ares which had won three Olympic victories; Euagoras the
AntipThes_6.256   ian games. * & The Olympic victor Nicophon son of Tryphon
Apul:Flor_9   came to Pisa during the Olympic games arrayed in raiment that
Athen_13.573   the house which in the Olympic games & Has thrice borne
Athen_14.620   the rhapsodist, at the Olympic games, recited the Purifi
Athen_14.635   hat establishment of the Olympic games from which the firs
Athen_14.641   what Pindar says in his Olympic Odes [ Ol_1.50-52 ], wher
Cic:Brut_243   nguish themselves in the Olympic games, can bear the blows
Cic:Tusc_1.111   been a conqueror at the Olympic games, saw two of his
Cic:Tusc_2.41   whom a victory in the Olympic games seemed almost on a
Demetr:Eloc_260   himself victor at the Olympic games over all mankind-in
Ennius:Ann_388   ten won victories at the Olympic games in the last lap,
Eratosth:Fr_8   nes in .... of the Olympic Victors, talking about the 116t
Euseb]:Chron_121   Greeks established the first Olympic games [776 B.C.].
Euseb]:Chron_179   oponnese, and he organised the Olympic games. After Acrisi
Euseb]:Chron_191   institution of the Olympic Games It is necessary to say
Euseb]:Chron_197-201 *   won the pentathlon at three Olympic games. The Carneia,
Euseb]:Chron_209   first and only man to win 12 Olympic crowns over four
Euseb]:Chron_219   stadion race at the next Olympic games, the 250th Olympiad
FGrH_257a.1   lympiad] [Victors in the Olympic games:] [Pythagoras] of
Joseph:BJ_1.426   th, as far as the glory of the Olympic games reached. [427
Just_7.2   species of exercises at the Olympic games. [7.3] & &
Just_12.16   yrians, the other in the Olympic games, to which he had
Just_13.5   Greece, assembled at the Olympic games, had excited a grea
MArgent_6.246   son of Lychnis in the great Olympic contest too. * &
Phld:Acad_12   as a consequence of his Olympic victory, he was shown to
Plin:HN_4.14   to the celebrity of its Games has taken possession of the
Plin:HN_8.82   Similarly Apollas the author of Olympic Victors relates that at the
Plut:Mor_179   ur, hissed at him in the Olympic games, What then, said
Plut:Mor_180   that had overcome in the Olympic and Pythian games, And
Plut:Mor_185   be, a conqueror in the Olympic games, or the crier that
Plut:Mor_190   ere commended for managing the Olympic games honourably.
Plut:Mor_836   ivered an oration at the Olympic games, in which he endeav
Plut:Mor_845   a time present at the Olympic games, and hearing Lamach
PsCallisth_1.18   "Do you wish to see the Olympic contest?" The youth repli
PsCallisth_1.20   he went in, wearing his Olympic crown of victory, and,
SEG_59.1406B   (c. 280)   Thessalians at the Olympic festival, during the gam
Simonid_16.232   P 41 } & On an Olympic victor; quoted by Arist:Rhet_13
Syll_322   ikophon son of Tryphon - Olympic victor and high pr
Syll_629   (182)   tests equal to the Olympic games - [and also] to
Syll_630   (182)   est, and equal to the Olympic games for the gymnast
THI_94   (c. 266-260)   s as equivalent to the Olympic Games; therefore [wi
THI_11.A   (c. 20) at the Olympic games, [in the double {
ValMax_8.7e.2   then he went to the Olympic Games, where, to the admiration
ValMax_8.15e.4   Eucles to compete in the Olympic Games. Her father was an

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