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  Oreus   - a city on the coast of Euboea, Greece
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  + Oreites
313/5 Cassander besieges Oreus in Euboea.
313/20 eet in Boeotia, and forces Cassander to abandon the siege of Oreus.
208/15 The Roman proconsul Sulpicius captures Oreus.
199/12 The Roman fleet, aided by Attalus, captures Oreus.
    Within translations:
Apollod:Fr_78   . . . [78] [STEPHANUS Byz.] Oreus, a city of Euboea ...
Athen_1.19   ople of Histiaea, and of Oreus, erected in their theatre
Athen_11.506   to Perdiccas Euphraeus of Oreus, who persuaded Perdiccas to
Athen_11.508   and killed Euphraeus in Oreus, according to Carystius in
Oros_7.12   of the Opuntii and the Oriti. This same earthquake demolished three
Philoch_159   rated the inhabitants of Oreus in the month {of Scirophori
Philoch_161   {Philistides} of Oreus {was forced to surrender} when
Plin:HN_4.64   Pyrrha, Porthmos, Nesos, Cerinthos, Oreus, Dium, Aedepsos, Ocha and
Plut:Mor_848   rehended one Anaxilas of Oreus, who had been his friend,
Syll_409   (c. 255/4)   n Kassandros besieged Oreus, he was sent out as gen
THI_97   (294-288)   he twentieth day, then [in Oreos in the month of .

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