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  Orion   - a constellation
Wikipedia entry
AET_1.11   see you. Your sacred image, Orion in heaven, rises and sets
AET_9.1   his corpse might shine in Orion within the body of the
Athen_11.490   As a matter of fact, Orion is very close to the
LeonTar_7.273   night and the waves that Orion at his dark setting & arou
MArgent_7.395   then when the force of Orion at the stormy season of his
Nicand:Th_10   an evil end for Boeotian Orion, and attacked him after he
Theodorid_6.222   turbed under the rays of Orion, washed ashore this thousan

  Orion 2   - title of a book by Diogenes of Tarsus
DiogLaert_10.26 Select Dialogues; and Orion, and others whom the genuin

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