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  Ortygia   - an island forming part of the city of Syracuse, Sicily
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AnthPal_6.273 lady of Delos and lovely Ortygia, lay by your stainless
Athen_13.598 ssed through our city to Ortygia; for you have heard of
Callim:Epigr_63 Echemmas is laid up in Ortygia in the temple of Artemis,

  Ortygia 2   - an ancient name for the island of Delos
AntipThes_9.550 you renown. But Ortygia was celebrated too, and her nam

  Ortygia 3   - a place near Ephesus
AntipThes_9.790 Delos, but at a place called Ortygia near Ephesus. [9.79

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