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  Panemus   - a month in the Macedonian calendar, equivalent to June/July
  + Panaemus , Panamus , Panemos
Callim:Epigr_46   said I on the 20th of Panemos, and on Loios the - what?
Joseph:AJ_14.148   ethnarch, in the month Panemus." [149] Hyrcanus also rec
Joseph:AJ_14.149   latter part of the month Panemus, this decree of the Athen
PCairZen_59148   Zenon. Docketed} & Year 30, Panemos 12, Epeiph 2. & Fro
SEG_39.1284   (213)   ut these matters. &day of Panemos. [C] King Antio
SelPap_1.38   Augustus, 20th day of Panemus or Pharmouthi, thr
Syll_594   (c. 195)   d day of the month of Panemos; the damiourgos Delp
Syll_599   (c. 196-192)   h day of the month of Panemos (by the Rhodian recko
Syll_627   (183)   gn in the month of Panemos, and as the Cretans r
THI_24   (early 2nd cent.)   ans}, in the month of Panemos, and when Emmenidas
THI_25   (148)   164, in the month of Panemos, Hyakinthos son of Pa
THI_27   (c. 200)   Artemisios, Daisios, Panemos, Loios, Gorpiaios, Hyp
THI_28   (193)   bsp; Year 119, 3rd day of Panemos. → inscripti
THI_62   (late 2nd century)   ll month of the month Panaimos, it was decided by
THI_125   (223)   ans, in the month of Panamos, covenant between Nika
THI_209   (277) 12th day month of Panemos, Nikēratos, son of Sobbathos,
THI_99.A   (200-150)   day of the month of Panemos, as proposed by the nao

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