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  Parmenion   - a general of Alexander the Great, killed in 330 B.C.
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[Longin]:Subl_9   of spirit. Alexander's answer to Parmenion when he said "For my
Athen_11.508   succeeded to the throne, Parmenion seized and killed Euphraeus
Athen_11.781   Parmenion, summing up the booty taken
Athen_13.607   about musical women; as Parmenion tells us in his Letter
Just_9.5   power of the Persians, Parmenion, Amyntas, and Attalus,
Just_11.8   cure; but a letter from Parmenion, which arrived the day
Just_11.10   ill alive, he despatched Parmenion to seize the Persian
Just_11.13   ough with difficulty, by Parmenion, and as those about him
Just_12.1   onveyed to Ecbatana, and Parmenion was entrusted with the
Just_12.5   For this offence, Parmenion, an old man, next to the king
Just_12.6   ield of battle. 14 Parmenion and Philotas, his cousin Amyn
Just_42.3   founder; temples which Parmenion, one of the generals
Oros_3.14   He selected three leaders, Parmenion, Amyntas, and Attalus, with
Oros_3.16   was thus engaged, Alexander sent Parmenion with troops to attack the
Oros_3.18   brothers, and murdered Parmenion and Philotas. Attalus,
Oros_4.6   22 He was received by Parmenion as a deserter and was
Plut:Mor_177-180 *   to be a general, and that was Parmenion. & When he had
Plut:Mor_183   ater, hearing that Parmenion was slain by Alexander, said:
Polyaen_4.5.1   the Alexander website. [5] Parmenion. The stratagems
Polyaen_5.44.4   which was defended by Parmenion and Attalus with a forc
PsCallisth_1.33   Next he bade also Parmenion the architect to prepare a
PsCallisth_2.8   anded Alexander, sent by Parmenion, the general in charge,
PsCallisth_2.17   with them. Then Parmenion, the general, said: "Alexande
PsCallisth_3.17   f." I took in my friends Parmenion, Craterus, Philip, Ioll
ValMax_3.8e.6   he received a letter from Parmenion, advising him to beware of
ValMax_6.4e.3   with a million talents When Parmenion told him, that if he

  Parmenion   - in documents
Philip_4.2 hilodemus like amaracus, Parmenion like myrtle and Antipha
THI_151 (145-137)   ntigonos Theomnastos son of Parmenion Kratesimachos

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