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  Paros   - an island in the Aegean Sea
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  + Parian , Parians
Athen_05.205 relations of the king, made of Parian marble. And there
Athen_13.574 tomb a statue of Alcibiades in Parian marble. [35.] [575]
Athen_13.605 love with a statue of Parian marble that then was at
Ennius:Ann_544 and elsewhere - Thence . . . Paros , . . were wailing.
THI_104 (194-166)   dispatched from the Parians and from the Naxians,
THI_68 (163-145)   cribed on a slab of Parian marble and set up in the
THI_99.I (after 241)   - perhaps by the island of Paros. In this decree,
Joseph:AJ_14.213 tes, senate, and people of the Parians, sendeth greeting.
Julian:Mis_337 caeus and Archilochus of Paros the god did not permit to
Polyaen_05.2.22 22 Many of the Parians followed the Pythagorean philos
Polyaen_06.24.1 psacenians and the Parians, who had a dispute about the
Syll_389 (282)   ara, Themistonax of Paros, Nikostratos of Kassand
Syll_562 (c. 207/6)   m the Parians. It was resolved

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