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  Peritius   - a Macedonian month, equivalent to January/February
ChronPasc_472 rty days of the month of Peritius, they should hold contes
Euseb]:Chron_117 les' temple in the month Peritius, and that of Astarte whe
Malal_208 21st day of the month of Peritius, which is the same as
OGIS_51 (c. 269-246)   h day of the month of Peritios at the Dionysia, on
PCairZen_59018 nformation. Farewell. Year 27, Peritios intercalary 20.
PCairZen_* 59043-59045 * for the slave-boys. Year 28, Peritios 20, in Boubastos.
PCairZen_59056 from you. Farewell. Year 28, Peritios 10. Addressed}
PCairZen_59125 Zenon. Docketed} & Year 29, Peritios 11, Tybi 11. From
PCairZen_59130 salt tax. Farewell. Year 30, Peritios intercalary, Meche
PCairZen_59166 mmediately. Farewell. Year 30, Peritios . . . zzzzzFROM
PCairZen_59199 Farewell. Year 31, intercalary Peritios 28, Phamenoth 6.
SEG_54.1442 (c. 255)   ond day of the month of Peritios, in full assembly;
THI_27 (c. 200)   ios, Audnaios, Peritios, Dystros, Xandikos, Artemis

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