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  Persephone   - daughter of Demeter; queen of Hades
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  + Core , Kore , Proserpina
307/9 Philon enlarges the temple of Demeter and Persephone at Eleusis.
275/11 hus sacks the town of Locri, together with the temple of Persephone.
73/36 a sacrifice to the goddess Persephone, who sends a storm to destroy
    Within translations:
Athen_05.213 temple of Demeter and Persephone being closed, and to
Athen_12.554 ccount the companions of Persephone are represented as gat
Athen_15.694 be ever near us, & With Persephone daughter of Zeus, &
Callim:Epigr_40 & An offering to Demeter and Corē, apparently at
CIL_1.2520 luto, good and beautiful Proserpina (unless I ought to
DionHal:Din_11 "I pray, by Demeter and Kore." It is earlier than Deinarc
Euseb]:Chron_183 years. The rape of Core [Persephone], and what is related
THI_57 (late 3rd cent.)   ormed the Soteria to [Korē] Soteira well, [pio
Naev:Pun_24 ... - First comes Proserpina, a child of Ceres, [25-6]
PsCallisth_2.1 Athens where the Maid {Korē} is worshipped, and he
RC_64 (2nd cent.)   r temple [of Plouton and Kore]. Because I wis
SEG_43.212 (c. 200)   emple of Demeter and Korē, whether it would be
Syll_319 (314/3)   s monument to Demeter and Korē. { inscribed
Syll_400 (273/2)   nia to Demeter and Korē from their own reso
Syll_485 (soon after 235/4)   oia to Demeter and Korē and the other gods as
Syll_540 (214/3)   year to Demeter and Korē and to the other
Syll_661 (c. 165/4)   oia to Demeter and Korē and the other gods who

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