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  Perseus   - son of Danaeë ; ancient king of Mycenae
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Aelian:NA_3.28   For they too call Perseus the son of Zeus, and it is afte
Aelian:NA_3.37   of Seriphus boast that Perseus arrived from his contest
Aelian:NA_13.26   that; they are the darlings of Perseus the son of Zeus.
AnthPal_3.11   hus being turned into stone by Perseus with the Gorgon's
AnthPal_9.102   ronghold of sky-mounting Perseus, I, the nurse of the star
AnthPal_9.104   and you stronghold of Perseus once all golden, you are
Antiphil_16.147   the winged sandals is Perseus ; she who is chained to
AntipThes_9.557   necles, does not disgrace even Perseus, your founder. Such
Athen_4.154   omicron;ς race of Perseus, spoken of by Pindarus,
Euseb]:Chron_61   rians; and in his reign, Perseus the son of Danaë,
Euseb]:Chron_65   led for 17 years. Dionysus and Perseus lived at this time.
Euseb]:Chron_177   son of Sthenelus, the son of Perseus. After Eurysthenes,
Euseb]:Chron_185   on, for 50 years. The deeds of Perseus occurred in his rei
Malal_199   had been established by Perseus, the son of Picus and Dan
Nicand:Al_100   sea which once on a time Perseus, when his feet bore him
Oros_1.11   4 In those same times Perseus travelled from Greece to Asia
Oros_1.12   omitting those stories about Perseus, Cadmus, the Thebans, and
Phld:Epigr_5.132   oes not sing Sappho, yet Perseus was in love with Indian
Plin:HN_3.56   by DanaŽ the mother of Perseus. [57] Then comes the site
Plin:HN_5.7   this region by Hercules and Perseus. It is an immense distance
Plin:HN_7.201   invented by Perses son of Perseus, lances by the Aetolians, the
Plin:HN_34.57   'Man Throwing a Discus', and Perseus, and The Sawyers, and The
Plin:HN_35.69   of Meleager, Heracles and Perseus. This last picture has

  Perseus 2   - king of Macedonia, 179-168 B.C.
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182/3 Perseus and Demetrius, after Perseus accuses Demetrius of plotting
182/3 Rivalry between Perseus and Demetrius, after Perseus accuses Demetriu
179/11 The death of Philippus, and accession of Perseus.
179/30 Perseus renews the alliance between Macedonia and Rome, and is offici
175/1 man embassy returns from Macedonia and reports on Perseus' policies.
174/9 Perseus visits Delphi with his army, and attempts to maintain friendl
174/10 Perseus attempts to establish friendly relations with the Achaean Lea
173/11 Eumenes visits Rome and accuses Perseus before the senate.
172/1 rock fall near Delphi, allegedly as a result of a plot by Perseus.
172/9 The Romans start to make preparations for war against Perseus.
172/11 tour the Greek states, seeking support for a war against Perseus.
172/14 authorizes the new consuls to declare war on Perseus immediately.
172/15 .Marcius Philippus persuades Perseus not to start fighting until
171/2 Perseus seeks allies amongst the Greek states.
171/6 The envoys of Perseus are given an audience outside Rome and then ord
171/9 Perseus holds a council at Pella and decides to fight the Romans rath
171/10 Perseus captures Azorus, Pythous, Doliche, Cyretiae, Mylae, Elateia,
171/12 the Amphictyonic Council listing Roman charges against Perseus.
171/14 Perseus defeats the Romans in a cavalry engagement at Callinicus.
171/15 Perseus offers to renew peace negotiations after his victory, but the
171/20 The Romans defeat Perseus at Phalanna.
171/21 Perseus retires with his army from Thessaly to his winter quarters
170/1 forced by the accusations of Charops to openly support Perseus.
170/5 Perseus captures more towns in Thessaly.
170/16 Hostilius fails to make any progress in the war against Perseus.
170/27 Perseus attacks the Dardani, and captures (?) Chalestrum.
169/3 Perseus invades Illyria.
169/4 Perseus attempts to persuade Genthius the Illyrian king to join him
169/5 Perseus fails to capture Stratus.
169/7 League votes to send an army to fight against Perseus in Thessaly.
169/33 Genthius joins the war as an ally of Perseus against Rome.
169/34 Alleged negotiations between Perseus and Eumenes.
168/5 Perseus fails to win the support of the Bastarnae.
168/9 Rhodians decide to try to mediate between Perseus and the Romans.
168/20 Paullus defeats Perseus at the battle of Pydna.
168/23 Perseus arrives at Amphipolis.
168/24 Perseus takes refuge in Samothrace.
168/29 Roman delegation arrives at Samothrace to negotiate with Perseus.
168/30 Euander the Cretan is killed, probably by order of Perseus.
168/32 to condemn to death those suspected of sympathising with Perseus.
168/36 give full support to the Romans during the war against Perseus.
168/37 out the war between Rome and Perseus, and the Roman conquest of Maced
168/38 ans; the end of the war against Perseus, the last king of Macedonia.
168/41 Paullus receives Perseus at the Roman camp.
168/42 Agepolis, address the senate, and are accused of supporting Perseus.
168/55 most outspoken supporters of Perseus at Rhodes, are brought to Rome.
167/22 ond day of Paullus' triumph: Perseus' treasury, consisting of more
167/23 ast day of Paullus' triumph: Perseus and his children are led before
167/27 Perseus is emprisoned at Alba Fucens.
165/15 Perseus is abstemious and ungenerous, despite his great wealth.
165/16 Perseus dies in prison at Alba.
163/33 Death of Philippus, son of Perseus.
152/15 the early life of Andriscus, who claims to be a son of Perseus.
147/12 a minor revolt led by Alexander, another pretended son of Perseus.

  Perseus 3   - a writer of Greek epigrams
Meleager_4.1 pus' maenad clusters and Perseus' aromatic rush, the sweet

  Perseus 4   - a constellation
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