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  Petreius   (Cn. Petreius) - an officer in the Roman army, late 2nd century B.C.
102/23 Cn.Petreius of Atina is awarded a crown of grass, for rescuing his

  Petreius 2   (M. Petreius) - Roman general, killed in 46 B.C.
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49/42 Afranius and Petreius attack C.Fabius, the general of Caesar, near
49/51 ies the army of Afranius and Petreius, as they attempt to retreat fro
49/52 Afranius and Petreius surrender to Caesar.
46/4 attacked by Labienus and Petreius, and suffers many casualties.
46/27 Juba and Petreius kill each other in a suicide pact.
Oros_6.15   generals L. Afranius, M. Petreius, and M. Varro were
Oros_6.16   to cut his throat and Petreius transfixed himself with the same
ValMax_2.4.6   Antonius covered it with silver, Petreius with gold, Q. Catulus with

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