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  Philae   - an island in the river Nile in southern Egypt
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116/6 OGIS_137-139, a petition of the priests of Isis at Philae.
89/26a GIS_188 & 189, an obeisance to Isis performed by Tryphon at Philae.
32/4 rk_90 (OGIS_196), recording a visit to Philae by C. Julius Papius.
    Within translations:
AET_4.15.A   king of the gods of Philae . . . all .
AET_4.15.B   for Elephantine, and another for Philae [with a view to its
AET_7.12   tomb of [the] people of Philae ;
AET_7.12.C   another of the men of Philae ];
AET_8.19   giver of life, lady of Philae, the holy place, on the
OGIS_111   (152-145)   tine [and Abaton] and Philai, and by the other [pri
OGIS_119.B   in Abaton, ] and [ Philai, on behalf ] of Parthenios
OGIS_139   (c. 124-116) Isis in Abaton and Philai, greeting.   Since those
OGIS_654   (29) from the Aethiopians in Philai, and obtained from the
Plin:HN_5.59   lie the four islands of Philae, 600 miles from the place
Plin:HN_37.145   but likewise in Egypt near Philae. It is always stony and,
SelPap_1.30   ard of the carriers from Philae and came to us by r
THI_21   (149/8) rites in the] region of Philae on behalf of you and
THI_260   (186)   Ptolemaic temple at Philae, marks the end of a
THI_261   (185/4)   l of the temple at Philae, next to the Second Ph

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