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  Pluto   - the god of the underworld
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  + Pluton
[Tib]:PanMes_45 to the infernal rule of Pluto, the gods' great sons laid
Athen_06.233 esire of avarice to draw Pluto himself out of the recesses
Callim:Epigr_15 upward way? & "A lie." & And Pluto? & "A fable." & We
CIL_1.2520 year 40. O wife of Pluto, good and beautiful Proser
PsCallisth_1.12 ruler of the sea, and Pluto of the lower world, took
RC_64 (2nd cent.)   er kings to your temple [of Plouton and Kore]. Bec
SEG_33.675 (c. 182-179)   . . . [and] to Plouton and all the other [gods]

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