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  Potamon   of Mytilene - rhetorician, 1st century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Lucian:Macr_23   like Athenodorus. Potamon, a rhetorician of considerable
Syll_752.754   (c. 40) [754]   Potamon son of Lesbonax, who was
Syll_764.A   and army [are well.   Potamon son of Lesbonax], . .
Syll_764.B   e envoys of the Mytileneans, Potamon son of Lesbonax, Phainias s
Syll_764.F   of the Lesbians honours [ Potamon son of Lesbonax ], descendant

  Potamon   - in documents
AnthPal_6.21 riapus the gardener, did Potamon, who gained wealth by thi
Lucill_11.131 rth, slew so many men as Potamon the poet and Hermogenes
SelPap_1.42 that of Seuthes son of Potamon, to be sown with g
SelPap_2.212 Phanias, Pasion son of Potamon, Dionysius son of Sab

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