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  Priapus   - Greek god of fertility
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_10.5 the advice that Priapus of the harbour writes for you
AnthPal_10.6 to trade trusting in gracious Priapus, go obedient to the
AnthPal_10.9 opious catch, the little Priapus under the mastic bush,
AnthPal_16.237 7 } & On a Statue of Priapus I behave like Priapus
AnthPal_16.242 heavy and well-hardened, Priapus, is this weapon, which
AnthPal_5.200 she dedicates to sweet Priapus with the effeminate melti
AnthPal_6.21 & { F 18 } & To you, Priapus the gardener, did Potamon
AnthPal_6.22 cher dedicated to rustic Priapus, carved out of a trunk,
AnthPal_6.33 MACCIUS & { Ph 6 } & Priapus of the beach, the fisherm
AnthPal_6.89 QUINTUS & { Ph 7 } & Priapus, who delight in the sea-w
AnthPal_6.254 edicated in the porch of Priapus his light summer dresses
AnthPal_6.292 aces. Therefore to Priapus, who was judge in the beauty-co
AnthPal_9.334 company with or in place of Priapus. [335] Callimachus
AntipSid_10.2 what you are told by me, Priapus of the harbour, the son
AntipThes_11.224 erect penis of Cimon, Priapus said, "Alas! although I'm
Apollonid_16.239 30 } & On a Statue of Priapus Anaxagoras set me up here
Archias_6.192 Phintylus suspended to Priapus these old remains of his
Archias_10.7 G-P 27 } & Stranger, I, Priapus, was set up on this sea-b
Archias_10.8 Little am I to look on, Priapus, who dwell on this spur
Athen_5.201 aving on a golden crown, Priapus standing by him crowned
Crinag_6.232 with the shepherd's crook, and Priapus with the beautiful
LeonTar_10.1 This, O man, I, Priapus, the god of the harbour, bid
LeonTar_16.236 83 } & On a Statue of Priapus Here on the garden wall
LeonTar_16.261 { G-P 84 } & On Priapus I, Priapus, stand as a guardian
MArgent_10.4 and; therefore listen to Priapus and undertake any kind
MArgent_16.241 ranch near you. I, Priapus the warden, am very sharp-eyed,
Philip_6.102 { G-P 17 } & To you, Priapus, who love the wayfarer,
Philip_16.240 & { G-P 75 } & On statue of Priapus A. {a traveller}

  Priapus 2   - a town on the coast of the Propontis, Asia Minor
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
Plin:HN_4.75   to the Asiatic city of Priapus; it was here that Alexander
Plin:HN_5.141   Homer Adrastia, the town of Priapos, the river Aesepus, Zelia, and
THI_215   (62 A.D.)   nbsp; Cyzicus,   Priapus,   Parium,  

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