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  Roma   - the goddess of Rome
Wikipedia entry
187/6b D_(2)42, a decree of Chios concerning the cult of the goddess Roma.
130/25 ription of the duties of the priests of the goddess Roma at Miletus.
    Within translations:
OGIS_551   (c. 150) dedicated this statue of the Roma to Capitoline Zeus and to
SEG_18.570   (180-120)   cians 70 in honour of Roma Goddess Manifest, he and
SEG_30.1073   (c. 188) in honour of the goddess Roma ], after the Theophania, a
SEG_44.1218   (150-110) Apollo, and Daidalos was of Roma, and Artapates was 'on behalf
SEG_60.1569   (c. 160-150) Harpalos was priest of the Roma for the league of the
THI_178.A   city] holds for Apollo [and] Roma. The overseers shall have a

  Roma 2   - a Trojan woman
Polyaen_8.25.2 a Trojan woman called Roma thus addressed them: "Whithe

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