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  Romulus   - the founder and first king of Rome
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296/11 blic works, including a statue of a wolf suckling Romulus and Remus.
65/24 Omens; a statue of Romulus and Remus is struck by lightning.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_10.22   sacred. And when Romulus on the Palatine Hill, divining
AnthPal_3.19   e-long story. [19] Romulus and Remus deliver their mother
AnthPal_6.235   the unconquered race of Romulus, joy of the farthest East
Cic:Brut_40   rished many years before Romulus: for he was at least of
Cic:DeOr_1.37   and elegant speakers? [37] Does Romulus seem to you to have
Cic:Rep_1.25   fifth in the reign of Romulus. For even though, during the
Cic:Rep_1.58   all the way back to Romulus, who reigned six hundred years
Cic:Rep_1.64       O Romulus, O Romulus divine,
Cic:Rep_2.4   foundation of this city by Romulus ? He was the son
Cic:Rep_2.10-17 *   {5.} [10] How, then, could Romulus have acted with a wisdom
Cic:Rep_2.20-26 *   in which the story of Romulus' immortality gamed credence was one
Cic:Rep_2.50-53 *   ; this was done by Romulus himself, as we have said,
Cic:Rep_3.47   we are referring to is Romulus or Pompilius or Tullus, perhaps
Cic:Rep_6.24   time when the soul of Romulus entered these regions, so when
Cic:Tusc_1.3   ** was a contemporary of Romulus - we received poetry much
Cic:Tusc_1.28     In heaven Romulus with Gods now lives;
CIL_10.809   InscrIt_13.3.86 ) Romulus. Found at Pomp
CIL_add.7   (early 1st cent.)   stulus, and nurse of Romulus and Remus), with sacr
CIL_add.8   (1st cent. A.D.)   third time] since Romulus, and closed the gat
Ennius:Ann_31   According to Ennius, he [Romulus] will be reckoned with
Ennius:Ann_32   founder of the city was Romulus, grandson of Aeneas throu
Ennius:Ann_57   to decide the fate of Romulus : TERTULLIAN : Ennius the
Ennius:Ann_62   to the deification of Romulus : SERVIUS : [on 'sancte
Ennius:Ann_70   ugh holding Ilia's twins Romulus and Remus is cast up by
Ennius:Ann_71   she-wolf suckles Romulus and Remus: SERVIUS auctus : The
Ennius:Ann_101-106 *   Remus scoffs at Romulus and his wall on the Palatine
Ennius:Ann_112-117 *   third. [112-13] & Romulus and Titus Tatius establish a
Ennius:Ann_123   estion of a successor to Romulus : FESTUS : ' Square Rome,
Ennius:Ann_75-80 *   a wood. [75-6] & Romulus and Remus sport with the shephe
Euseb]:Chron_5   kings], starting from Romulus, who founded the city of
Euseb]:Chron_193   stadion race [At this time] Romulus and Remus were born
Euseb]:Chron_263-267 *   Romans, starting with Romulus The emperors of the Roman
Euseb]:Chron_275-283 *   mulius had been slain by Romulus and Remus, the sons of
Euseb]:Chron_289-295 *   and was killed by Remus and Romulus, who founded the
FastTr_explanation   for the early kings, such as Romulus son of Mars. The
FastTr_p90   & [p90] 752/1 & Romulus, son of Mars, king, & over the
Festus:Brev_2   reigned in Rome. Romulus reigned 37 years; senators for
Julian:Caes_307   festival of the Cronia Romulus gave a banquet, and invit
Just_41.5   mong the Macedonians, or Romulus among the Romans, died
Just_43.2   mes of the boys were Remus and Romulus. As they grew up
Naev:Pun_19-23 *   lia gives birth to Romulus : SERVIUS supplemented : Naeviu
Nepos:Att_20   built in the Capitol by Romulus, was unroofed and falling
NicDam_130.61   ruled from the time of Romulus, and they had first estab
Obseq_61   the wolf of Remus and Romulus was struck by lightning, and
Oros_2.2   who was the mother of Romulus, began to rule among the
Oros_2.4   was founded by the twins Romulus and Remus. 2 Romulus at
Oros_5.16   that they were descended from Romulus and knowing that even such
Oros_6.1   worship assured the safety of Romulus himself, the founder of Rome,
Plut:Phoc_3   ato, not in the dregs of Romulus, and by that means fell
Polyaen_8.2.1   Numitor. Remus and Romulus, sons of Mars and Sylvia, forme
Polyaen_8.3.1   Numitor on the throne. [3] Romulus. When the Romans
Polyaen_8.3.2   lso: Livy, 1.9] Romulus encamped about ten stades from
Sall:Hist_1.48   hings that caricature of Romulus holds in his possession,
SEG_30.1073   (c. 188) the founder of Rome [ Romulus and ] his [brother] Remus;
THI_166.C   . much later there were Romulus and Remus and the [foundation]
ValMax_1.4.1   knights to the troops which Romulus had enrolled in accordance with
ValMax_1.8.11   except the augural staff of Romulus. The statue of Servius Tullius
ValMax_2.2.9   the Lupercalia was begun by Romulus and Remus, at such a
ValMax_2.4.4   with the circus show, which Romulus, upon his ravishing the Sabine
ValMax_2.7e.2   from the little hut of Romulus, made it the pillar of
ValMax_3.2.3     I now return to Romulus, who being challenged to combat
ValMax_3.2.4   [2.4]   Next to Romulus is Cornelius Cossus, who consecrated
ValMax_3.1e.1   great founder of our city, Romulus, that the first honour of
ValMax_4.4.11   swear, by the hut of Romulus and the humble roofs of
ValMax_5.3.1   senate was placed by the father of our city in the
ValMax_5.8.1   was tragic. L. Brutus equalled Romulus in honour; for the latter
ValMax_6.5.1   by the son of Mars Romulus }, and that war was
ValMax_9.6.1     In the reign of Romulus, Spurius Tarpeius was commander of

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