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  Sabinus   (Q. Titurius Sabinus) - an officer of Caesar in Gaul, killed in 54 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
56/42 Titurius Sabinus defeats the Venelli.
54/49 Cotta and Sabinus are ambushed and their army is destroyed by Ambiori
Oros_6.8   In these same days Titurius Sabinus made a sortie and destroyed
Oros_6.10   led the legates Cotta and Sabinus into ambush in the territory

  Sabinus 2   (C. Calvisius Sabinus) - Roman consul, 39 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
39/_ Consuls: L. Marcius L.f. Censorinus , C. Calvisius C.f. Sabinus
    Within translations:
ExcBarb_49B Pollio Censorinus and Sabinus Pulcher and Enobaudus Gal
NicDam_130.96 erward, except Calvisius Sabinus and Censorinus; but these

  Sabinus 3   (C. Poppaeus Sabinus) - Roman consul, 9 A.D.
FastCap_p86 Consuls: C. Poppaeus Q.f. Q.n. Sabinus , Q. Sulpicius Q.f.

  Sabinus 4   - financial procurator of Syria under Augustus
ChronSynt_67 captured by the general Sabinus and by Cassius, governor

  Sabinus 5   (Antonius Caecinius Sabinus) - Roman consul, 316 A.D.
SelPap_2.344 consulship of Caecinius Sabinus and Vettius Rufinus
SelPap_2.360 consulship of Caecinius Sabinus and Vettius Rufinus
SelPap_2.374 consulship of Caecinius Sabinus and Vettius Rufinus
SelPap_2.427 lship of Caecinius Sabinus and Vettius Rufinus the

  Sabinus   - in documents
Antiphil_9.306 Pallas has granted to Sabinus to build a still more nov
CIL_1.2439 te. Gaius Saufeius Sabinus, son of Gaius, and Gaius Or
SelPap_1.109 Bellenus Gemellus a to his son Sabinus greeting. On re
SelPap_1.110 Harpocration to Bellenus Sabinus his brother gre
SelPap_1.70 27, by a draft of the bank of Sabinus in the Treasur
SelPap_1.74 her as guardian her son Sabinus son of Didas, aged a
SelPap_2.222 Mantennius Sabinus to the strategi of
SelPap_2.248 against Cronion son of Sabinus concerning the offe
SelPap_2.261 of the 15th year. Sabinus and Maximus Dionysius ha
SelPap_2.310 the Arsinoite nome, from Sabinus son of Sabinus, ex-gy
SelPap_2.313 children of Heracleia, Sabinus son of Sabinus son of
SelPap_2.314 To Phronimus and Sabinus also called Thraci
SelPap_2.319 terate. (Attested) I, Aurelius Sabinus, prytanis, saw
SelPap_2.350 To Philon and Sabinus, superintendents of b
SelPap_2.355 elius Apollodorus son of Sabinus, beneficiarius of the
SelPap_2.356 Dioscurides also called Sabinus, ex-gymnasiarch, sena
SelPap_2.370 Tubi 3, through the bank of Sabinus in the Treasu
SelPap_2.372 To Sabinus and his partners, s

Sabinussee Claudius

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