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  Sais   - a city in the Nile delta, Egypt
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  + Saite , Sethroite
AET_1.10   The Lady of Sais, her hands are on you
AET_1.11   you of Heliopolis, come to Sais, for "Saite" is your name;
Euseb]:Chron_135   some of Memphis, some of Sais, and some of Ethiopia; and
Euseb]:Chron_143   ly, Saites, for 19 years - The Saite nome was named after
Euseb]:Chron_147-151 *   ars 24th Dynasty. Bocchoris of Sais, 44 years. In his reig
Plin:HN_5.49   Panopolite, Busirite, Onuphite, Saite, Ptenethus, Ptemphus, Naucratite,
Plin:HN_5.64   Busiris, Cynopolis, Aphroditopolis, Sais, and Naucratis, after
POxy_1380   . ; 30 & in the Saite nome victorious, Athena, nymph
THI_256   (264/3) was to the city of Sais to feed the country after
THI_258   (c. 264)   the gods of Khent-ab { the Sethroïte nome }.

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