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  Sappho   of Eresos (Lesbos) - Greek poetess, early 6th century B.C.
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Athen_02.39 Nectar they eat at will. And Sappho saysó. & The goblets
Athen_10.425 cupbearer; as also does Sappho, who says- & And with ambr
Athen_11.463 words of the beautiful Sappho,- & Come, O Aphrodite, hit
Athen_12.554 ering flowers. And Sappho says- 'I saw a lovely maiden gat
Athen_13.564 unclosed lids. And Sappho says to a man who was admired
Athen_13.571 0;ραι; as Sappho does, where she says- &
Athen_13.572 that description in his Sappho, where he says- & For when
Athen_* 13.596-599 * brother of the lovely Sappho, when he went to Naucratis
Athen_13.605 all the love-songs & Of Sappho, Meletus, Cleomenes, and
Athen_14.635 latter author says that Sappho, who is more ancient than
Phylarch_62 ς is first mentioned by Sappho. [Didymus] says that
Plut:Demetr_38 symptoms described by Sappho, the faltering voice, the

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