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  Semele   - the mother of Dionysus
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  + Thyone
Alcaeus_16.7   the mournful Trojans and Semele, slain in her labour by
AnthPal_3.1   conducting his mother Semele to heaven, preceded by Her
AnthPal_6.140   the wreath-loving son of Semele {Bacchus} in memory of his
AnthPal_9.248   alous, and exclaimed : " Semele, you pretended that Bacchu
Athen_5.200   of the bed-chamber of Semele, in which were seen statue
Athen_8.352   theus, on the subject of Semele in Labour, he said, " But
Athen_11.481   ; for the son of Semelē and Zeus gave wine to
Athen_13.559   the tragedian, in his Semele (which begins, "O nights")
Athen_14.636   the magadis; for in his Semele he says- & And now I hear
Cic:Tusc_1.28   was deified, the offspring of Semele; and from the same illustrious
Euseb]:Chron_61   from Dionysus the son of Semele, arrived in the country
MArgent_9.246   your fate has been the same as Semele's. & * & The flagon
Meleager_9.331   He was born when his mother Semele was consumed by the
Nicarch_11.329   hoenicia, and though not Semele's son, you are nourished
Philodamus_1   once, where "hail" is cried, Thyone of fair children bore to
PsCallisth_1.46   son of Zeus and Semele, smitten by the thunderbolt, was
SEG_39.1334   (230-220)   you, Dionysos son of Thyone, and to king Attalos; a
THI_115   (230-225)   temple by the precinct [of Semele] . . . and securi

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