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  Semus   of Delos - author of a History of Delos, c. 200 A.D.
Athen_2.38   when drunk. And Semus of Delos saysó "A brazen tripod,
Athen_11.469   a silver strainer."   Semus, in the fifth book
Athen_11.502   knobs of gold.   And Semus says that in Delos there
Athen_14.614   niscus of Metapontum, as Semus tells us in the fifth book
Athen_14.618   43;α } is shown by Semus of Delos, in the fifth book
Athen_14.622   atōton. [16.] & Semus of Delos says in his book
Athen_14.637   Phoenicians. But Semus of Delos, in the first book of
Athen_14.645   the basynias too. Semus, in the second book of his Histor
Athen_15.676   used among the Greeks, as Semus of Delos tells us in

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